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News 2020.12.13

Drive in Wonder Theater

The theater production team “Do it Theater” (operated by Hatch Co., Ltd. and located in Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo), in cooperation with Yokosuka City will open a permanent drive-in-theater venue, “Drive in Wonder Theater,” pursuing new entertainment culture.

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1st “Drive-in-theater 2020 meets KINTO”(Friday December 25~Sunday December 27, 2020)

Background of “Drive in Wonder Theater”

In 2020, amidst the drastic changes in lifestyle due to the corona crisis, we have been holding drive-in-theater events all over Japan through the “drive-in-theater 2020” project. The drive-in-style has become a new possibility.

Do it Theater is launching “Drive in Wonder Theater” as a place where you can always have a drive-in-theater. It is an experimental initiative that aims to revitalize the theater experience and culture by multiplying a variety of entertainments by drive-in-style, not limited to movies.

In cooperation with Yokosuka City, we created a space dedicated to “Drive-in-theater” in a corner of Nagai Uminote Park with an open view of the Miura Peninsula, where the theater experience. Do it Theater is exploring a new form of regional revitalization through the collaboration between drive-in-style and tourism, restaurants, and local industries of Yokosuka City.

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About “drive-in-theater 2020”

The “drive-in-theater 2020” project aims to raise awareness of the prevention of new coronavirus infection and to revitalize the culture of cinema and other forms of culture, with the goal of creating a “drive-in-theater”.

⒈ Propose a new entertainment to revitalize culture

⒉ One of the educational campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of knowledge and social distance for the prevention of the novel coronavirus infection.

⒊ To support the activities against the novel coronavirus and the entertainment industry through donations

It won the Good Design Award 2020 for a meaningful initiative that also includes infection prevention awareness and donation activities. Some people use it not only to watch movies, but also for events such as wedding anniversaries, marriage engagements, birthdays, car deliveries, and other celebrations and occasions.

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About “Do it Theater”

Under the slogan “A new scene starts with the theater,” Do it Theater is a theater production team committed to providing the best theater experience ever. We see theater as “a new communication space where people with a will to communicate,” and our goal is to create theater and culture that is not bound by conventional concepts.

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