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NEWS 2022.12.06

The “Fly ANA Windsurfing World Cup in Yokosuka Miura Japan” was completed

The “Fly ANA Windsurfing World Cup in Yokosuka Miura Japan” was completed on Tuesday, 15 November.

Thank you very much for attending the event or watching it live.

The PWA Windsurfing World Cup

The PWA Windsurfing World Cup is an annual world tour that travels to about ten countries, mainly in Europe, where the world best competes for the world’s number one position.

This year’s event was the final round of the World Tour, and for the first time the World Champion was born in Japan.

The event, usually held in May, was changed to November, and featured very good wind conditions. This compares to an average northerly wind in November 2019, as measured by the Yokosuka Fire Department, of only 3.9 m/s.

The races were competed in a ‘slalom’ zigzag course from upwind to downwind with multiple marked buoys, where windsurfers can gain the most speed.
The men’s record speed was approximately 100 km/h.

The area off the Tsukuihama coast, where the race takes place, is known as one of the best “slopes” in Japan, where the wind blows from the sea, making it ideal for this slalom.

In addition to the powerful spectacle at sea, large LED monitors were set up on land allowing spectators to join in the event by providing a detailed view of the race.

Live images were streamed from onboard a vessel and drone.

Spectators received real time easy to understand information on the large screen monitor including an introduction of the offshore course, explanation of the rules , various commentary charts and additional diagrams entered by the commentator.

The winners of the competition were as follows.

Women’s: Ms. Marion Mortefon 

Men’s: Enrico Marotti 

The 2022 champion has been crowned in this final round of the PWA Tour.

Women’s Ms. Marion Mortefon  

Men’s: Mr. Maciek Rutkowski

Mr. Maciek Rutkowski:

Enrico Marotti 

Polish surfer Maciek Rutkowski was fourth in the 2021 PWA Slalom World Ranking and was second in the PWA Sylt last month.

He missed out on a win by one point to Amado but was consistent in the Silt competition.

He was also recognised for his performance in this year’s competition.

He is also focusing on IQFOIL for the Paris Olympics.

Ms. Marion Mortefon: 

Ms. Marion Mortefon 

Marion, from France, is the 2021 PWA Foil and PWA Slalom World Champion.
She performs excellently in both slalom and foiling and is particularly noted for her runs in strong winds.
She aims to represent France at the Paris Olympics in IQFOI.



2022LANK/Sail NO./Name/Country

14/F-192/Antoine Albeau/France

-/JPN6/穴見 賢太/Japan

-/JPN-60/穴見 知典/Japan

-/J-25/浅野 則夫/Japan

-/ITA-60/Daniele Benedetti/Iyaly

-/FRA-6/Julien Bontemps/France

19/FRA-91/Cedric Bordes/France

15/FRA-752/Alexandre Cousin/France

32/ISR-1/Arnon Dagan/Israel

29/BEL-250/Cyril Evrard/Belgium

27/NB-9/Elton Taty Frans/Bonaire

-/J-850/五端 博之/Japan

9/F-465/Nicolas Goyard/France

35/F-2/Lucas Guiraud/France

16/FRA-330/William Huppert/France

3/ITA-140/Matteo Iachino/Italy

-/JPN-5/池田 健星/Japan

-/JPN-21/生駒 大輔/Japan

5/BRA-7/Mateus Isaac/Brazil

22/FRA-498/Basile Jacquin/France

12/LTU-7/Rytis Jasiunas/Lithuania

-/FRA-1052/Lohan Jules/France

-/SGP-21/Lo Jun Hao/Singapore

-/JPN-28/賀来 耕一郎/Japan

-/JPN-814/金上 颯大/Japan

-/JPN-84/北原 賢/Japan

-/J-99/小玉 欣一/Japan

8/GER-220/Sebastian Kördel/German

11/DEN-24/Sebastian Kornum/Denmark

-/JPN-57/香村 治彦/Japan

-/JPN-9/工藤 輝/Japan

-/JPN-22/国枝 信哉/Japan

-/JPN-54/倉持 大也/Japan

-/JPN-33/忽那 敏章/Japan

25/FRA-945/Pierre Macquaert/France

6/CRO-401/Enrico Marotti/Croatia

30/ITA-160/Bruno Martini/Italy

-/JPN-97/田渕 雅基/Japan

-/THAI-1/Will McMillan/Thailand

4/F-14/Pierre Mortefon/France

-/JPN-77/永井 克郎/Japan

-/JPN-121/中井 忠則/Japan

-/JPN-450/中嶋 基/Japan

-/JPN-4501/中嶋 颯/Japan

-/JPN-1117/大館 弘/Japan

-/NMI-1/大野 晴光/Saipan

18/GER-7/Nicolas Prien/German

26/FRA-99/Antoine Questel/France

-/JPN-332/力竹 孝/Japan

2/POL-23/Maciek Rutkowski/Poland

-/GUM-97/Vicente Santiago/Guam

7/DEN-37/Johan Soe/Denmark

-/J-85/鈴木 智彦/Japan

-/JPN-75/田島 航/Japan

-/SGP-1/Wearn Haw Tan/Singapore

28/F-888/Jimmy Thieme/France

-/JPN-11/富澤 慎/Japan

10/NED-69/Jordy Vonk/Holland

1/NB-20/Amado Vrieswijk/Bonaire

-/JPN-67/山田 昭彦/Japan


Sail NO./Name/Country

E-3/Blanca Alabau/Spain

JPN-311/穴山 未生/Japan

AUS-420/Sammie Costin/-

FRA-775/Delphine Cousin Questel/France

FRA-203/Mae Davico/France

GBR-96/Jenna Gibson/Great Britain

JPN-35/伊勢田 愛/Japan

JPN-774/石井 有夏/Japan

GBR-71/Sarah Jackson/Great Britain

J-165/窪田 玲佳 /Japan

HKG-3/Ma Kwan Ching/Hong Kong

F-171/Justine Lemeteyer/France

NC-815/Océane Lescadieu/France/New Caledonia

FRA-118/Marion Mortefon/France

JPN-4/新嶋 莉奈/Japan

ARU-91/Sarah-Quita/Offringa Aruba

J-94/大西 富士子/Japan

NOR-39/Helle Oppedal/Norway

FIN-13/Marianne Rautelin/Finland

GBR-248/Alice Read/Great Britain

JPN-371/佐伯 さな/Japan

GER-799/Theresa Steinlein/German

JPN-470/須長 由季/Japan

JPN-61/鈴木 文子/Japan

JPN-3103/鈴木 智美/Japan