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Event 2022.11.07

Introduction to the competition | Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup

What is Fly ANA Windsurfing World Cup ?

SLALOM -It’s a fast race!-

The “Slalom” will take place on a course where windsurfers can gain the most speed.

From the start line on the windward side of the course, the competitors will zigzag around several downwind markers to reach the finish line.

It will be a blisteringly fast race.

As surfers round the first markers the race will heat up as fierce battles and competitive moves are played out.

Slalom is attractive because it is straightforward and easy to understand the fastest windsurfer to complete the course will be crowned the winner.


For this year’s competition, competitors can also choose a FOIL!

In addition to the usual ‘fin’ boards used in the 2022 competition, they can also choose a a hydrofoil (underwater wing) developed for windsurfing, allowing the board to float above the water’s surface. 

One of the hottest foils, the iQFOiL, will be officially adopted for the Paris Olympics.

Tournament Rules

The competition will be run on a tournament basis, with eight competitors per heat, and the top four advancing to the next round.

The PWA races use a system where the top-ranked competitors (or the top of the previous race) are seeded and start in the second and third rounds.

The final race will be contested by the four winners and four runners up of the tournament and may be repeated in two final races if time permits.

The final standings will be determined by the overall results.

※ The course will be set according to prevailing wind direction, with start and finish positions inverted 180 degrees based on north or south winds.

※ The minimum wind speed at which the race takes place is 4 m/, with no upper limit.