Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2021.10.08

A JR East – Hiking and walking event starting from the station, A new way to enjoy Yokosuka, via the “Yokosuka route museum” hiking route –

This is the first of a series of walks, as part of the “Yokosuka Route Museum”, a journey exposing the history, culture and nature dotted around Yokosuka.

This time, the route will enable you to discover the history of the Yokosuka – Taura area, which was the setting of the dawn of modern Japan with the Yokosuka steelworks at its heart.


DateOctober 1 (Friday) to November 15 (Monday), 2021
*Open to everyone
*Admission: free of charge
LocationJR Yokosuka Station – JR Taura Station
(Check-in location: Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence)
Official websiteHiking and walking event starting from the station
Contact usTourism Division, Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Yokosuka City (weekdays 9:00 – 17:00)
Tel: 046-822-8124
Organizer / Co-organizerOrganizer:East Japan Railway Company
Partnership:Yokosuka Action Committee for Attracting Visitors and Promoting Appeal

About the event

How to participate (how to play)

1. Please come to the check-in place (Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence) during the check-in hours.

* Please note that there is no car parking or bicycle parking.

2. Register using the “Hike from the station” app

First, download the app, then click the “Join” button and select which course you want to participate. When you see “Accepted” on the app, you are ready to start.
* Please note that this app is unfortunately only available in Japanese. 
* For more information about the Hike from the station app, click here.
* If you are unable to download the app, a paper map is also available at the Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence. Please note that in this case you will not be able to receive any app benefits.

3. Let’s start hiking

Let the hiking begin!
Please start during the same day registration time, and finish by 16:30 to ensure your safety.


JR Yokosuka Station ~ Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence ~ Hemi Gate Guardhouses ~ Battleship MUTSU Main Battery ~ Verny Museum (Steam Hammers) ~ Kashima Shrine ~ Yoshikura Park ~ Anjindai Park ~ Tanoura Shinmeisya Shrine (Nagaura Shrine) ~ Hiyou Tunnels ~ Nagaura Warehouses and Rail Siding ~ The 2nd Service School, JMSDF ~ Taura Shinmeisya Shrine ~ Shikkama Tunnels ~ JR Taura Station

Distance approx. 5.5 km

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