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News 2022.12.22

Sukajan Painter Hiromichi Yokochi on Creating Cool Clothes


Sukajans are costumes, so the decoration is often flamboyant. 

Creating unique designs is never easy. Sometimes, after thinking everything through and through, the real idea only comes out when you relax.

Real masters can relax and then suddenly do something spectacular.

I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I have no choice but to study.

If I can say that I’m thinking more about sukajans than anyone elseand studying patterns more than anyone else, then I think that’s good enough for now.


Without doubt sukajans are the coolest clothes, no questions asked. 

“I wear them because they’re cool”. That’s what we want to achieve.

Rather than clothes for anyone to wear, I want people to choose to wear them.

I want to make fabulous, sharp fashion worn by cool people

My personal history with Sukajans


In Yokosuka, local people are always pleased to see you wearing a sukajan.

I don’t think there is any other city where it is considered formal attire.

Tourists sometimes wear sukajan for sightseeing in Yokosuka, but I think I am the only person who wears sukajan as everyday attire.


The opportunities for coordination with a sukajan are endless. It’s reversible, so options are even greater and changing innerwear further adds possibilities.

A sukajan is also an item that women can wear casually.

Wearing a “skajan-jean” combination, can quickly make you the talk of the town, and is an item of clothing that people will praise – “I like your outfit!”

Sukajan in Yokosuka Dobuita-dori


We have been involved in several projects to develop original Dobuita-Dori sukajans.

However, with the exception of people born and raised in Dobuita, and sukajan geeks like me, very few people know the full history of the sukajan, so we are thinking of creating a research group and a ‘Dobuita sukajan collection’ to display vintage items. I want to make Dobuita synonymous for sukajans and where you can meet and share with fellow fans.

We are also working with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to teach children about the history and culture of Dobuita.

Yokosuka – birthplace of the “Sukajan” | An interview with Mr Hiromichi Yokochi, a Sukajan painter.