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News 2023.01.30

Discovering the Local Flavor of Japanese Strawberries in Yokosuka

Japanese strawberries are very popular overseas. These days you can even get authentic Japanese strawberries abroad! Go strawberry picking in Yokosuka and you’ll get to taste fresh strawberries with a flavour and mouth-feel that only Japan can offer! Why not get your hands on some sweet and sour strawberries from Yokosuka?

Travel to Yokosuka to Enjoy Delicious Local Strawberries

Yokosuka strawberry

A trip to Yokosuka is certainly worthwhile if you are looking for a truly authentic Japanese strawberry experience. Travel to the city and savor the sweet and tart flavor of these local treats! For an even more lasting treat, why not try your hand at strawberry picking and take home some juicy strawberries right off the vine?

Visit a Strawberry Picking Farm “Tsukuihama Tourist Farm,” for the ULTIMATE Freshness!

Yokosuka strawberry farm

If you are looking to make your strawberry-picking experience truly special, then head on over to Tsukuihama Tourist Farm! This farm is renowned for its fresh and sweetly-flavored strawberries — perfect for eating or taking home as a souvenir! Spend the day exploring the vast berry fields and tasting the sweet fruits from each row. With such delicious strawberries ripe for the picking, it’s no wonder why this farm is so popular among locals and travelers alike!

All-you-can-eat freshly picked strawberries!

Yokosuka strawberry

Experience the freshness, flavor, and juicy sweetness of the local Yokosuka strawberries at Tsukuihama Tourist Farm! You’ll have the chance to pick from rows of succulent berries and savor signature tastes found only in these parts. Take as many strawberries as you like with an all-you-can-eat for 30 minutes admission fee — it’s an irresistible experience for strawberry lovers everywhere!

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm

Yokosuka strawberry farm

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm is a huge strawberry farm with 14 farmers. The strawberries grown in the warm climate ripen to a bright red and are exceptionally sweet and rich. The varieties available for picking vary from farm to farm, and visitors are guided to the most suitable greenhouses according to the conditions of the day. You can enjoy the best strawberries you can pick that day.

Handmade jam made from strawberries freshly picked at the farm is also additive-free and well-reputed, and can be purchased for 600 yen. It is a popular souvenir. In addition to strawberries, the farm offers sweet potato picking from September to November and tangerine picking from October to November.

Location: 5-15-20, Tsukui, Yokosuka City

Opening season: 1 Jan-5 May 9am – 3pm

Price: 1 Jan-7 Jan: 2,200 yen
8 Jan – end of Feb: 2,000 yen
1 March – 5 April: 1,800 yen
6 Apr – 5 May: 1,500 yen

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm Office
weekdays from 9am to 3pm
TEL: 046 849 4506

Local Information Centre
during the event period, from 9am to 3pm
TEL: 046 849 5001

Web: Tsukuihama Tourist Farm

The right way to pick Yokosuka strawberries

Yokosuka strawberry

Yokosuka strawberries are best when picked at the right time, so here’s a few tips before you start! Be sure to choose strawberries that are firm and plump — the color should be uniform.

1.Choose ripe, bright red berries with green caps.
2.Turn the berries upwards so that the stem is at the bottom.
3.Gently pull the berries downwards off the stem. Avoid over-ripe or moldy berries, which can quickly spoil the rest.
4.Handle gently to prevent bruising.

Let’s enjoy sightseeing in Yokosuka with strawberries!

After you’re done picking strawberries, why not explore the local sights around Yokosuka while you enjoy the sweetness of freshly harvested fruit? Visit some traditional temples, stroll around the old port side town, or take a break by one of the many nearby beaches. With refreshing sea air and refreshed taste buds, experience the locals’ culture within the relaxed atmosphere that only Yokosuka can provide.

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Yokosuka North area

Yokosuka East area

Yokosuka Central area

Yokosuka West area