Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2022.08.10

Solve the mystery and get the item!! Mystery Solving Tour in YOKOSUKA

Get your kit and set off on a mystery solving journey in Yokosuka.

This event is a game in which you are the hero, solving riddles throughout the city.

Mystery Solving Tour Information

DateSaturday 16 July – Wednesday 31 August 2022
※Closed every Monday (or the following Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday).
LocationYokosuka central area.
Planning and productionBouken Works Co., Ltd.


| How to participate in the game 🔎

1: Get a mystery-solving kit from one of five facilities, read the narrative, and start solving the mystery!

2: Follow the instructions to find the password!

3: Once you have the password, enter the prize draw!

≪ Distribution of kits starts on July 16 ≫

・Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence

・Yokosuka Tourist Information Centre

・Mikasa Park

・Yokosuka City Museum


※ The same kits are available at each of the following facilities.

≪ Use the application form to apply for entry ≫

Access the application form, enter the required details and the last password to complete your application!

| Prizes 🎁

※Products are subject to change without notification.

◎ Special prize!!

Nintendo Switch Lite for one person.

※The Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.

1: Sarushima Passage boarding tickets. (10 pairs of tickets for 20 people)

※Please note that the ticket does not include the separate park entrance fee of 500 yen.

Sarushima Passage boarding tickets.

2: Mikasa entry tickets. (10 pairs of tickets for 20 people)

Visit one of the world’s three most famous memorial ships.

Mikasa entry tickets.

3: Yokosuka Military Port Tour tickets. (10 pairs of tickets for 20 people)

Yokosuka Military Port Tour tickets.

4: Yokosuka Art Museum tickets. (10 pairs of tickets for 20 people)

Yokosuka Art Museum tickets.

≪ Attention ≫

・Only one entry per person.

・Specific prizes cannot be chosen.

・Prizes are only valid for the winner, and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

・Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged.

・Prizes can only be delivered within Japan.

・Please be aware that this event may be cancelled or the content may be changed.

≪ Deadline for applications ≫

Wednesday, 31 August 2022

≪ Announcement of winners ≫

Winners will be announced upon delivery of the prizes.

| Prizes for participation 🎈

Scarin item

Goods made specially by Scarin will be distributed subject to availability.

※Please show your kit at a participation prize point to receive a prize until stocks are exhausted.

≪ Participation prize exchange locations ≫

・Mikasa Park Management Office

・Reception desk (in front of the Naumann elephant), Yokosuka Museum of Nature and Humanities

・Reception counter, Thibaudier Residence