Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2022.12.13

The 3rd Yokosuka Keikyu Railway Walk: “Appreciate Yokosuka’s history and traditions by enjoying the Sukajan and Meguru Walks”

“Appreciate Yokosuka’s history and traditions by enjoying the Sukajan and Meguru Walks”

The Yokosuka Attraction Promotion and Attractiveness Executive Committee (Yokosuka City, Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd., Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Yokosuka Tourist Association) organise a walking event several times a year entitled ‘Yokosuka Keikyu Coastline Walk’ to promote the attractions of the Miura Peninsula, mainly in Yokosuka City.

This time, there are two different routes: the Sukajan exhibition at the Yokosuka Museum of Art, and the Meguru project in the Uraga area.
There will be prizes for participation including special rewards for those who complete both routes. In addition further special prizes will be awarded by lottery.

When and where

Date and time
Sunday, 25 December 2022, until 17:00.

The various spots to be covered. The suggested  course is just an example as you may go around the locations in any order until you reach the goal.

【Scajaan Course】

Approx. 9.3 km 

Time required: 3 hours

Yokosuka Museum of Art – Hashirimizu Shrine – Umikaze Park – Mikasa Park – Dobuita Dori – Thibaudier Residence (goal)


Approx. 7.7 km 

Time required: 3 hours

Keikyu Kurihama Station – Kurihama Hananokuni – Perry Park – Uraga-no-watashi (West Ferry Pier) – Uraga Community Centre Branch (goal)

Please note that the Yokosuka Museum of Art closes on Monday, 5 December.

On this day you may check the keywords for the Yokosuka Art Museum which will be posted at the Thibodier House.
For those participating with smartphones, stamps can be obtained at the Yokosuka Museum of Art.

How to participate:

Goal acceptance time 10:00-17:00

If you are participating with a smartphone

(1) Please register by using the URL listed below or the 2D barcode on the paper map distributed at the Yokosuka City Tourist Information Racks at stations on the Keikyu Line.

(2) Enter the keywords to obtain stamps for the spots on each course, and collect these stamps at each site to apply for special prizes.

(3) The first 500 participants of each course will receive a completion prize when they present the screen at the finishing spot.

(4) If you collect stamps from all ten spots, you can also apply for the special prize from the Award Application.

If you are participating with a paper map, please bring writing utensils

(1) First obtain a paper map from the Yokosuka City Tourist Information Rack or other sources.

(2) At each spot fill out the application form with the keywords and necessary information.

(3) Present the entry form to the staff at the final goal spot, stamp the map and entry form confirming that you have completed the course, and drop the form into the entry box.

(4) When you have completed the second course, present the entry form and the map with the stamp confirming that you have completed the first course to the goal staff; then stamp the entry form with the second stamp confirming that you have completed the entire course, and post the form in the entry box.

(5) You are eligible for the special prize when the entry form with both stamps confirming completion of the entire course is deposited in the entry box.

【Click here if you are participating with a smartphone】
The URL for event participation (19 November 10:00 – 25 December 17:00)