Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2023.02.06

Taura Plum Village – A Must-Visit Destination for Plum Blossom Lovers

Nestled in the heart of Yokosuka, Japan, the Plum Village is an enchanting
destination that creates a magical scene during plum blossom season.
Surrounded by vibrant blossoms and aromatic scents, visitors can take in
timeless panoramas of rural Japan and breathe in meditative moments of peace and serenity.

Plum trees of different shades blooming along the slope and views of the sea in the distance.

Take a Hike through the Yokosuka Plum Blossom Fields

People hiking through the beautiful Taura plum grove.

Take a hike through the breathtaking plum blossom fields of Taura Plum Village to soak up the majestic beauty of the area and immerse yourself in its calming atmosphere.

Taura Plum Village has been selected as one of the 100 best places for flowers in Kanagawa, and the Taura Plum Grove Festival is held from mid-February to mid-March when the red and white plum trees are at their best.

Plum grove seen from the viewing platform.

The view from the observatory is one of the city’s representative landscapes. Yokohama, Tokyo and Chiba can be seen from the observatory. There is also an athletic playground and a grass square for children to enjoy. There’s so much natural beauty here to soak up – you will not want to leave!

Explore Taura and experience Japanese history

The view of Taura plum trees and sea.

Yokosuka is fortunate in its natural terrain.
During the Edo period (1603-1868), the Edo Shogunate built the Yokosuka
Ironworks as a starting point for a military town.
In 1879, a naval mine training centre was established on the site near the
current JR Taura Station near Yokohama, which became the Naval Mines School in 1907.

Today, the “Naval Mines School Site Monument” remains within the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Second Technical School.
In addition, there are many other historic and historical sites around Nagaura Port, including old warehouses of the former naval munitions department, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll.

Attend a Taura Plum Blossom Festival & Special Event Information

Stunning views of clustered plum groves.
Many people visit and enjoy Taura Plum Blossom Festival.

Enjoy Taura Plum Village even more during the annual Plum Blossom Festival, held every year around February. For this activity and other events, you can check their official website for more information and plan your visit accordingly.

The flowering of the plum trees depends on the weather. Please check the
blooming conditions before visiting the park.

Web: taura.yokosuka-kanko.com

Special events

Kite-flying fun
12 Feb (Sun), 1pm – 2pm.
Location: summit of Taura Plum Village
In case of rain, the event will be postponed to Sunday 19 Feb

Ikebana, Japanese kite, photo and panel exhibitions
26 February (Sun), 1pm-3pm
Location: Taura Elementary School Gym

Japanese folk dance performance
26 February (Sun), 1pm-3pm
Location: Taura Elementary School Gym
Japanese folk song and dance performance by the 北部民謡舞踊連合会演舞


When and where
Friday, February 10 – Sunday, March 5, 2023.

Taura Plum Village
92, Taura Izumi-cho, Yokosuka City
No parking

Taura Administrative Centre
TEL: 046 861 4181
From 9am to 5pm
Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Get off at “Keikyu Taura Station” or “Anjinzuka Station” on the Keikyu Line. A 40-minute walk from the station.

From “Keikyu Taura Station” or “Funakoshi” bus stop, take a bus bound for “Yasuura 2-chome” or “JR Taura Station” and get off at the “Taura Post Office” bus stop. 20-minute walk.

A 25-minute walk from Taura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line.