Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2021.07.28

The 1st Yokosuka Keikyu Line Walking guide “Opening Celebration Walking Guide for Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence”

The Yokosuka Keikyu Line Walking guide has now been converted into a « digital rally » – you can take part by following the route on your smartphone!

This time we will be visiting the new “Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence”, which opened at the end of last month, and the satellites of the Yokosuka Route Museum dotted around the area.

Anyone with a smartphone can take part without registering or downloading an app.

There will also be a prize draw.


DateFrom 10:00, 25 June (Friday) to 16:00, 15 August (Sunday), 2021
(Applications by lottery ends at 23:59 on 15 August)
LocationItsumi station, Yokosuka-chuo station and 8 surrounding spots
Contact usTourism Division, Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Yokosuka City (weekdays 9:00 – 17:00) 
Tel: 046-822-9577

Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center 
(10:00 – 17:00 daily during the event) 
Tel: 046-822-8301
Organizer / Co-organizerYokosuka Tourist Promotion and Attraction Executive Committee

About the event

Recommended route (As this is just an example, you can go to any routes you like)

Itsumi station~Verny Museum~“Dobuita Street”~Mikasa Shopping Center~Heiwa Chuo Park~Umikaze Park~Memorial Ship “MIKASA”~Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence

※Aprox. 9km for about 3 hours.

Click here for downloading

How to join (please use your smart phone to participate)

Turn on your smartphone’s location information and access the following URL in your browser’s normal mode.

You can get digital stamps at the participating spots.

Once you have stamped at all the spots, you will be able to download a participation prize and enter a drawing to win a prize.

From 10:00, 25 June (Friday) to 16:00, 15 August (Sunday), 2021(Applications by lottery ends at 23:59 on 15 August)


How to Stamp

1.Go to the above URL, tap on the photo of the target spot and open the spot information.

2.Scroll down the screen and you will see a map.Tap the route guide, select “Open” and tap “Route”.You will see directions to the spot.

3.At an eligible spot, tap the “Tap a stamp!” to get a stamp.(This app uses GPS signal.If you can’t get a stamp even though your location is turned on and you are at the spot, the GPS signal may not be working properly. Please move around a bit and try again.)

Participation Award

Yokosuka detailed list map which is published in 1885!

This is the “Yokosuka detailed list map” published in 1885, which is thought to have been used by visitors to the Yokosuka Shipyard as a souvenir of their visit and also as a tourist guide map.It shows the present Yokosuka Port and the area around Verney Park.Let’s compare the scenery and try to imagine what it was like in those days.

※Please enjoy the downloaded data within the range of personal use.All rights reserved.

Privileges for applicants

Prize A: 15 pairs of tickets for 30 people to enjoy Yokosuka

This ticket allows you to spend a full day in the fascinating city, Yokosuka.

Prize B: Special binder which satellite cards fit neatly for 50 people!

This is an original binder that neatly holds the satellite cards introducing each satellite facility of the Yokosuka Route Museum.

※Satellite cards are available at Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence.

※Please note that the image is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual binders.

Cautionary note on the event day

・If you have a cough or fever, or are unwell, please do not attend.If you feel unwell during the event, please withdraw at your own discretion.

・Please wear a mask.

・Please wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly.

・Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

・It is extremely dangerous looking at smartphone while walking.When looking at the screen, please stop in a safe place where you will not disturb others.

・If there are restrictions on access to the site due to construction work or other reasons, please follow the local guidance.

・It is very dangerous to ignore traffic lights and other traffic rules. Please obey all traffic rules.

・We cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the walk.

・Please refrain from walking and smoking.

※For more information, please click here. (Access available from 10:00 on Friday 25 June to 23:59 on Sunday 15 August)