Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2021.11.19

The 2nd Yokosuka Keikyu Line Walking guide “Uraga Seaside Walk, in the Land of the Rising Sun”

We are holding the second walking event around the Yokosuka Keikyu Line!

This time, the course offers scenic views of the beautiful seaside of Yokosuka and finishes in Uraga city, where has been featured prominently in the Meguru Project.


DateFrom 6 November (Saturday) to 17:00, 19 December (Sunday), 2021
LocationThe Maborikaigan Station, the Yokosuka Museum of Art, the Kannonzaki Nature Museum, the East Pier (Uraga Ferry), and the Uraga Community Center Annex
Contact usTourism Division, Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Yokosuka City (weekdays 9:00 – 17:00) 
Tel: 046-822-8124

Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center 
(10:00 – 17:00 daily during the event) 
Tel: 046-822-8301
Organizer / Co-organizerYokosuka Action Committee for Attracting Visitors and Promoting Appeal

About the event

Recommended route

Mabori Kaigan Station – Yokosuka Museum of Art – Kannonzaki Nature Museum – East Pier (Uraga Ferry) – Uraga Community Center Annex

*Approx. 10km for about 3 hours.

Click here for downloading

*You can also print out a copy, and bring it with you, in case we run out of maps.

How to participate

1. Get a map from a Yokosuka City Tourist Information rack at Keikyu Line stations.

2. Using the map, find keywords in the target spots and fill them in the application form on the back.

3. Once you have filled in all the key words, please show the map to a staff of the Uraga Community Center Annex. You will receive a prize and information on how to submit your entry!

Map location

・Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center

・Kannonzaki Nature Museum

・Uraga Community Center Annex

・Mikasa Park Management Office

・Cafe Restaurant Corsaire (in Verney Park)

・Yokosuka City Tourism Division (weekdays only)

・Keikyu Line Yokosuka City Tourist Information

Cautionary note on the event day

・If you have a cough or fever, or are unwell, please do not attend.If you feel unwell during the event, please withdraw at your own discretion.

・Please wear a mask.

・Please wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly.

・Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

・It is extremely dangerous looking at smartphone while walking.When looking at the screen, please stop in a safe place where you will not disturb others.

・If there are restrictions on access to the site due to construction work or other reasons, please follow the local guidance.

・It is very dangerous to ignore traffic lights and other traffic rules. Please obey all traffic rules.

・We cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the walk.

・Please refrain from walking and smoking.