Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2020.08.19

Yokosuka Cycling

Yokosuka Cycling Map

Enjoy cycling all around town with the Yokosuka Cycling Map! This map features three different routes, each with unique sights, milestones, and local specialities! Check out other details such as height topography for elevation changes along the routes and bike rental info!

Take a map and enjoy the ride!

Route introduction

① Ride-Around Yokosuka Route 68km. Tour all around Yokosuka! Perfect for experts!

② East Coast Route 26km. An easygoing route that begins at Yokosuka’s historic port. Enjoy the seasonal flowers as you go!

③ West Coast Route 23km. Rent a bike from MERIDA at Soleil Hill and enjoy the beautiful scenery all along the West Coast!

Maps Available At

JR Yokosuka Station (Starting point for Ride-Around Yokosuka Route)

Yokosuka-chūō Station (Starting point for East Coast Route)

Soleil Hill (Starting point for West Coast Route)

Suka-navi i (Yokosuka Tourist Information)

Tourism Division, Yokosuka City

About Facilities

Please confirm details regarding facilities beforehand.

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