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Event 2023.09.06

Yokosuka Friendship Day Fireworks 2023 (Yokosuka Kaikoku Hanabi Taikai): A Spectacular Tribute to US-Japan Relations

Welcome to the “Yokosuka Friendship Day Fireworks 2023,” known in Japanese as “よこすか開国花火大会2023 (Yokosuka Kaikoku Hanabi Taikai 2023).” This annual event is a highlight in Yokosuka City, located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Yokosuka holds a special place in history. It’s where Commodore Perry of the United States set foot in 1854, marking a significant turn in Japan’s journey, opening its doors to the world. This event is not just a celebration of that pivotal moment but a symbol of the enduring friendship between Japan and the US.

Furthermore, the US military base in Yokosuka joins in this celebration. Every year, they host the “Friendship Day,” opening the base to the public and culminating in the grand fireworks display. Join us in commemorating this bond and witnessing the spectacular show!

This year, the festival promises to be grander than ever. From the usual 5,000 fireworks, we’re doubling the spectacle with approximately 10,000 fireworks, making it one of the largest displays on the Miura Peninsula!

Event Details

Date: October 15, 2023 (Sunday)
Launch Site: Off the coast of Shinko Pier
Viewing Spots: Umikaze Park, Mikasa Park, and more

Umikaze Park

Mikasa Park

Highlights of Yokosuka Friendship Day Fireworks 2023

The 2023 edition is produced by Marugo Co., Ltd., the winner of the 46th Sumida River Fireworks Contest. Expect breathtaking large spherical fireworks and a dazzling show that’s sure to leave everyone in awe.

Three Must-See Attractions

1. Fireworks celebrating US-Japan friendship
2.Miura Peninsula’s grandest launch of approximately 10,000 fireworks
3.Powerful fireworks launched from the sea

Premium Seating Information

Location: Shinko Pier No.3, parts of Umikaze Park and Otsu District Tidal Wave Protection Wall

Seats Available: Around 4,000

Check out the official site for ticket details

Concurrent Event: US-Japan Goodwill Yokosuka Friendship Day 2023

People enjoying BBQ at Yokosuka Friendship Day

Date & Time: October 15, 2023, 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM (Last entry at 5:00 PM)

Location: US Navy Base in Yokosuka (limited access) – Entry/Exit at Mikasa Park Gate

Important Notice!

To gain entry to the US Navy Base in Yokosuka, you must pre-register and bring both a form of identification that verifies your nationality and a photo ID. Please note that a driver’s license alone is not sufficient for entry. If you fail to provide the necessary identification, you will be denied access. Additionally, entry may be restricted for individuals who are neither Japanese nor American citizens.

Note: Prior registration and valid ID with a photograph are required for entry. A driver’s license alone is not sufficient. More details here


Additional Information

The event area and its surroundings are expected to be crowded. For a safe and enjoyable experience, please review guidelines.

For detailed event information and updates, visit official site.

Event details are subject to change without notice.

Basic Information

Date: October 15, 2023, 5:45 PM – 6:20 PM (Subject to cancellation in case of bad weather)

Location: Launch Site: Off the coast of Shinko Pier; Viewing Spots: Umikaze Park, Mikasa Park, and more

Official Website

Inquiries: Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center: 046-822-8301 (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

Event Status on the Day: Call Yokosuka City Call Center at 046-822-2500 after 2:00 PM for updates


Main Organizer: Yokosuka City Tourism Association

Co-organizer: Yokosuka City