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EVENT 2022.09.26

Yokosuka Kaikoku Fireworks Festival and Friendship Day | Held for the first time in three years!!

We announce the Yokosuka Kaikoku Fireworks Festival and Friendship Day.

The Yokosuka Kaikoku Fireworks Festival, one of Yokosuka’s most significant fireworks events, will be organised on Sunday,October 16.

The event with over 5,000 fireworks will include the rarely used Scorch Balls (Shaku-dama) and rapid-fire Starmines.

As in the past, prior to a three-year hiatus due to the coronavirus, the Yokosuka Friendship Day event will take place on the same day at the Yokosuka US Naval Base.

※ The event could be subject to cancellation either due to stormy weather or coronavirus infection.

Please check the website for any updates.

Fireworks Festival 🎆 Information

Fireworks Festival
DateSunday, October 16
Time5:45pm ~ 6:15pm
※ Cancelled in case of stormy weather with no postponement date.
Viewing locationsMikasa Park, Umikaze Park, Yokosuka US Naval Base.
FireworksApprox. 5,000 fireworks will be used.
※ No paid spectator seats are available to ensure more space for spectators.

Friendship Day ⛴ Information

Yokosuka Friendship Day
DateSunday, October 16
Time10:00am – 6:30pm
※ Please note that the last entry is at 5:30pm.
LocationEntry and exit are at the Mikasa Park gate.
※ US Navy Yokosuka base partially open.
※ Please note that proof of nationality and a photo ID is required to enter the Yakosuka US Naval Base.
For more information, please click here.
Contact usFor further enquiries, please contact either Yokosuka City Call Centre (046-822-2500) or Yokosuka Tourist Information Centre (046-822-8301).

Event MAP


● The event may be cancelled depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection.

● To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, please wear a mask when visiting the venues.

● Please refrain from visiting the venue if you have symptoms such as fever (37.5°C or higher), cough or sore throat.