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NEWS 2023.09.28

“Yokosuka Premium Stage by Billboard Live”: Jazz Legends & Modern Hitmakers Unite for Two Days

Yokosuka, the birthplace of post-war jazz in Japan, proudly presents the ‘Yokosuka Premium Stage powered by Billboard Live.’

With its rich historical backdrop, the city is gearing up to host this special music festival. The event will showcase a lineup ranging from living legends of the jazz world to top artists across various genres.

Exclusive event tickets and hotel stay packages are up for grabs.

Dive into this article to explore Yokosuka’s jazz history and the festival’s allure, offering a glimpse into this extraordinary event.

Event Details and Highlights

  • Dates: September 30th / October 1st
  • Time: Open 4:00 PM, Start 5:00 PM
  • Location: Uraga Dock Stage
    (4 Chome-7-1 Uraga, Yokosuka, Kanagawa)
  • Price: ¥6,000 (tax included). Admission for three acts per day.

Reservation Method:
Make a Reservation (This link will direct you to the WAmazing reservation page.)

Basic Information about the Event

  • Open seating (standing) with available rest seats.
  • Tickets are priced the same for adults and children; infants who cannot stand on their own are not permitted.
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating is available; Please contact the organizer prior to ticket purchase.
  • Elementary school-aged children must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Weather Forecast: Check the Weather on the Day of the Event

Saturday, 30th: Intermittent showers. High of 29°C, Low of 23°C. 60% chance of rain.

Sunday, 1st: Mostly sunny. High of 27°C, Low of 19°C. 0% chance of rain.

 Exclusive Hotel Packages with Event Tickets

Photo of sunlit Showa Retro-Styled Lobby at Hotel New Yokosuka with Abundant Greenery and Large Windows.
Photo of a glass of distilled spirits on the rocks placed on a bar counter made out of  red stone in a hotel.
Photo of the hotel bar, with its retro interior design, boasts comfortable leather sofas, inviting warm lighting, and a lively, vibrant crowd.

Enhance your Yokosuka experience by pairing your event attendance with a relaxing stay. Choose one of the city’s premier hotels and book a stay package that includes tickets to either the “Yokosuka Premium Stage powered by Billboard Live” or the “Spectacle Stage ‘Uraga Story’ Produced by 30-DELUX”.

Hotel New Yokosuka Stay & Show Package

Hotel Newport Yokosuka Stay & Show Experience

 Featured Artists: Japan’s Top Performers

Discover the diverse lineup of artists performing at the event, ranging from jazz legends to contemporary hitmakers.

  • Day 2: ALI, BENI, XinU

 Main Artists for Day 1


Photo of four quartet musicians with sunglasses posing confidently in front of a red brick wall adorned with a vibrant winged graphic.

Formed by classmates for a cultural festival at Yokohama Kishine High School, “SPECIAL OTHERS,” affectionately known as “SpeAza,” stands as a unique instrumental quartet in the Japanese music scene. Since their inception in 1995, they have continuously captivated fans with their distinctive sound. Celebrating their 15th anniversary of their major debut in 2021, they have released an impressive 24 albums over the years. Additionally, under the moniker SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC, they’ve expanded their musical repertoire with two more releases.

Each member’s middle name was bestowed upon them by the legend of Afrobeat, Mr. Tony Allen, as follows:

Yuma “REMI” Serizawa (Keyboards)
Yuya “SEGUN” Matayoshi (Bass)
Ryota “TOYIN” Miyahara (Drums)
Takeshi “DAYO” Yanagishita (Guitar)

Highlights of their illustrious career include a major debut with Victor in 2006 and their first solo concert at the Nippon Budokan in 2013. In 2014, they embarked on projects under the SPECIAL OTHERS ACOUSTIC banner, and in 2022, they released the album “Anniversary.”

SPECIAL OTHERS: Official Website


Image of a jazz band with 21 members passionately playing instruments, set against a warm mustard grain background.

Led by the modern-day vaudevillian, Gentle Kubota, the 21-piece big band, GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BAND, has been redefining entertainment since its formation in 2005. They infuse danceable swing jazz with contemporary flair, offering a fresh take on entertainment. Their exhilarating and humor-filled live performances, featuring a 17-piece instrumental ensemble and the vocal trio “Gentle Forest Sisters,” continue to captivate audiences. With appearances at jazz festivals, collaborations with comedians, and contributions to films and commercials, they are recognized as one of the most sought-after big bands in Japan today.

Gentle Kubota (Leader, Trombone)

Born in Tokyo in 1978, Kubota discovered the trombone at Wako University after training as a gardener. While having experience as an Optician, he formed the Gentle Forest Jazz Band in 2005. He now wears many hats, including trombonist, emcee, narrator, and actor.


Shinji Mori Trio: Official Website

Photo of the jazz trio. From left to right: An enthusiastic bassist playing a wooden bass, a drummer with grey hair tied back jamming, and a pianist in a tuxedo with hands on the keys, looking into the camera.

Hailing from the vibrant jazz scene of Japan, the “Shinji Mori Trio” stands out as a musical force to be reckoned with. At the heart of this dynamic ensemble is Shinji Mori, celebrated for his impeccable drumming finesse, having served a remarkable seven years with the Sadao Watanabe Quartet. Flanking him is the piano virtuoso, Kotaro Tsukahara, whose keys dance with both precision and passion, and Junichi Furusato, whose bass lines provide a deep, resonant foundation. Their collective experience, both domestically and on international stages, ensures that every performance is a masterclass in jazz. Attendees of their events are consistently treated to a genuine sonic experience, as the trio crafts a musical narrative that’s both captivating and deeply rooted in jazz tradition.

Shinji Mori Trio: Official Event Information

Main Artists for Day 2


Band photo: Main vocalist seated up front, flanked by two band members. Tranquil park with tall trees as backdrop. Black and white image exuding confidence.

Hailing from Tokyo’s vibrant Shibuya district, the multinational band “ALI” has been turning heads with their unique crossover musical style. The band’s name, “ALI,” stands for “Alien Liberty International,” reflecting the diverse national backgrounds of its members. At the heart of the band is their lead vocalist and leader, LEO. With him at the helm, the band masterfully blends roots music like FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, and LATIN with elements of HIPHOP, ROCK, and SKA to create a sound that’s truly their own.

In 2021, they achieved significant recognition at the U.S.-based Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Their tracks “Wild Side” for the TV anime “BEASTARS” and “LOST IN PARADISE feat. AKLO” for the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” won Best Opening and Best Ending awards, respectively, marking a remarkable double crown achievement at the awards.

With their rich diversity and musical prowess, “ALI” is a band poised for even greater success in music scenes both domestically and internationally.

ALI: Official Website


Sepia-toned image of a singer with semi long hair, looking back with enchanting eyes.

Born in Okinawa, BENI is a singer-songwriter with a diverse cultural background, as her heritage encompasses American and Japanese origins. Surrounded by diverse music from a young age, she honed her musical instincts in this rich environment. Coupled with her relentless dedication post-debut, she has established herself as a powerhouse artist with an exceptional vocal prowess.

BENI’s talents are not only recognized in Japan but also acknowledged on the international stage. She has notably collaborated with global music icons such as Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, and Sergio Mendes.

Her discography boasts numerous hits, with her 2nd album “Lovebox” clinching the top spot on the Oricon charts. Particularly, her English cover album series “COVERS” achieved the Oricon #1 position, with the series up to “COVERS 3” amassing sales of over a million copies. This accomplishment led to her receiving numerous awards, including the Japan Gold Disc Award for “Concept Album of the Year.”

However, BENI’s allure isn’t confined to just her music. With her distinct fashion sense and striking beauty, she’s also a sensation in the fashion world. Notably, she was chosen as the Asian representative among the 13 global female ambassadors for the “H&M Conscious Collection.” Demonstrating her versatility, she has also established herself as a successful model, earning immense support from women around the world.

BENI: Official Website


Photo of the female singer in a blue plaid dress looking over her shoulder.

Emerging from the heart of Tokyo is the music collective, “XinU.” Their music, inspired by the keyword “crossing ‘X’ into ‘U’,” captures the contemporary sounds of Tokyo while expressing the modern era through profound Japanese lyrics. Incorporating a myriad of genres like R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and folklore, their unique sound is described as “Neo Tokyo Cross Over Rock Jazz Damn!!”, paving a borderless path to the future of music.

XinU’s vocals are both clear and smoky, a distinctive timbre that has garnered attention from many listeners. In moments of doubt or distress, their voice offers solace, resonating deeply with the listener’s heart. When one seeks optimism, it feels as if their voice gently nudges you forward. On rainy days, their soulful voice touches the heart, and on sunny days, it uplifts the spirit. This rich, smoky voice has endeared them to a vast fanbase.

XinU: Official Website

Important Announcements and Precautions

Event details are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

To confirm whether the event will take place, please contact the Yokosuka City Call Center at 046-822-2500 after 8:00 AM on the day of the event.

Bringing Pets to the Event Venue
For guests planning to attend with pets, we kindly request that you adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all attendees:

Please keep your pets in a cage, cart, or similar containment at all times.
Pets are welcome at the free stages.
We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing pets to the paid stages, including the “Premium Stage powered by Billboard Live” on September 30th, October 1st, and the “Uraga Story” on October 7th, 8th, and 9th.
In the event that your pet, even when contained, causes a disturbance such as loud noises, event staff may approach you regarding the matter. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Concurrent Events: Other Attractions in Yokosuka

Explore a wide array of content that delves deeply into Uraga’s rich history, all within an ambiance that recalls the end of the Edo period. With exciting collaborations like the Hanayashiki event and the Craft Beer Fest, there’s something to captivate individuals of all ages.

Spectacle Stage “Uraga Story” Produced by 30-DELUX

Photo of members of the musical performance group passionately raising their swords in a dynamic onstage moment, with a special guest featured on the right.


Free. No reservation required.

Dates: Saturday, October 7th / Sunday, October 8th / Monday, October 9th

Location: Port Stage
Showtimes: ①1:00 PM / ②4:00 PM

Dive into a story filled with the fervor of the end of the Edo period, set in Uraga 170 years ago during Commodore Perry’s arrival.

Special Appearance: Moemi Katayama

For more details, visit the 30-DELUX Official Site.

World Craft Beer Fest: A Festival for Beer Enthusiasts

Image of a glass brimming with beer, poured into a beer glass that widens from bottom to rim, set against a white backdrop.

Every day, from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Join us at the birthplace of Japan’s international relations for a gathering featuring craft beers from around the world. Enjoy a diverse selection of local beers and gourmet foods, all in one place.

No reservation required.

 “Hanayashiki Troupe” Original Stage Show: A Fusion of Tradition and Entertainment

Image of five vibrant individuals dressed as colorful ninjas strike lively poses against a festive Omatsuri-themed backdrop, radiating energy and excitement.

170th Anniversary Collaboration with Asakusa Hanayashiki

Every day, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Embark on a journey through 170 years of history and immerse yourself in the allure of traditional Japan.

This collaborative event offers a rich blend of history and the timeless charm of Japan. With attractions like the Panda Car, a mini merry-go-round, traditional Japanese festival games, battery cars, and photo spots, there’s plenty for kids to enjoy!

No reservation required.

Drone Show x Period Drama: Recreating Uraga’s History in the Night Sky – A Special Collaboration with Edo Period Drama

Photo of the luminous drones creating the shape of a ship against a night sky

Free. No reservation required.

Date: Saturday, September 23rd
Time: 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

A first for Yokosuka! Experience a historical tapestry of Uraga brought to life by drones.

Redcliff Inc., one of Japan’s largest drone show operators, will paint the night sky with an original animation themed around Uraga’s rich history.

After setting the mood with a live jazz performance, the Uraga period drama will commence, culminating in the drone show at the event’s climax!

Access Information: Guide to the Event Venue

Access to Yokosuka

  • Access to Yokosuka: 1 hour from Tokyo Station, 1 hour from Haneda Airport, Approximately 15 minutes from Kamakura
  • Nearest Stations: Yokosuka Chuo Station (Keikyu Line), Yokosuka Station (JR Line)

Access to Uraga Dock Venue

Photo of the Uraga Dock: A tall, red brick-walled dock with staircases on both sides, a central rectangular plaza with a reflective puddle, a blue sky with floating clouds, and distant mountains beyond a wall.

By Train:

10-minute walk from Keikyu Uraga Station.

By Car:

Please be aware that parking spaces for visitors are limited. To ensure your convenience and reduce congestion, we highly recommend utilizing public transportation.

For comprehensive information on MEGURU PROJECT 2023

Black and white photo of Commodore Perry, leader of the Perry Expedition that ended Japan's isolationism and led to the 1854 Convention of Kanagawa with the United States, beside a ukiyo-e depicting the Black Ships. Above, it says: '2023 Meguru Project, Uraga Dock returning to the samurai era.'

Official Event Details: MEGURU PROJECT 2023: Explore the New Attractions of Yokosuka