Isami Kondo - the head of the Shinsengumi and greenery course

Chofu city is the birthplace of Isami Kondo, a renowned head of the “Shinsengumi” that played an active role at the end of the Edo period (1603-1868).
This walking course will bring back memories of “Isami Kondo” as his birthplace and gives a feeling of relaxation with greenery in Musashinomori Park vastly spreading north and south around Chofu Airport.

Course Information

(A) Tobitakyu Station

Tokyo Stadium (Ajinomoto Stadium), which is widely used for soccer games and various events, is located near Tobitakyu Station, and is used as the nearest station.

(B) Osawa Bunker trench No.1 & 2 (Musashino-no-mori Park)

In the park, there remain two hangars (bunkers) constructed to protect warplanes from airstrikes.
During the Pacific War, valuable warplanes were stored in the bunkers to prepare for the coming decisive battles in the mainland.

6 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo

(C) Remains of Kondo Isami's Birthplace

Kondo was born in 1834, the third son of the Miyagawa family in Kami-ishiwara village.
His birthplace was demolished in 1943, and now only a well remains on the premise.
It was designated as one of the city's historic sites in 1950.

1-6-8 Nomizu, Chofu, Tokyo

(D) Ryugenji Temple, Grave of Kondo Isami

Ryugen-ji is a Soto-sect temple located a 5-minute walk from Isami Kondo's birthplace.
His tomb is found in the precinct.

6-3-11 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo

(E) Chofu Airport

Fresh food, including vegetables and fish harvested in the morning on the Izu Islands are carried by air, allowing locals and visitors to eat fresh food sent from the Izu Islands in the restaurants in the city.

290-3 Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo

(F) Saikoji Temple

The seated statue of Isami Kondo in front of the gate was built in 2001 to commemorate the 130th year of his death.

1-28-3 Kamiishiwara, Chofu, Tokyo

(G) Nishi-Chofu Station

At the rotary of Nishi-Chofu Station, there are the signboard that reads “Kamiishiwara-the birthplace of Isami Kondo, the head of the Shinsengumi” and the information board that reads “The hometown map of Isami Kondo, the head of the Shinsengumi.”

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