Hiraoka Jinja Shrine

Spirituality overflows from this shrine surrounded by nature.
Hiraoka jinja Shrine is an Ichinomiya in Kawachi no Kuni at the foot of the Ikoma mountains.
It was recorded in the Engishiki Jinmyocho as a Myojin Taisha.
Dwelling in a holy place boasting a history of around 2,700 years, it has watched over the lives of people all this time.
Not just from its history and elegance, but also from its four inner shrines can you tell that this is a unique Shrine.
At Hiraoka jinja Shrine, many different Shinto rituals and festivals are held.
During Shuugousai, people carrying futon-daiko both big and small enter the shrine.
Their gallant figures move the heart.
The forest surrounding the shrine changes with the seasons and was also chosen as one of the “100 Aromatic Landscapes” by the Ministry of the Environment.
Go and experience Hiraoka Shrine with all five senses.

※ Due to an outbreak of disease, the surrounding plum trees were all cut down in Heisei 28.If all goes as planned, the replanting of the trees will take place spring of next year, but if an infected tree is discovered this year, this revitalization effort will be pushed back.