Gomen Kenka Shamo Chicken

It was the night of November 15th, 1867, at Omiya Inn, Kyoto.
Wanting to have his favorite Shamo-Nabe with Shintaro Nakaoka, who had come to visit him, Ryoma Sakamoto sent his servant to buy some Shamo chicken.
However, while waiting for the Shamo, the incident occurred, and the two fell to the assassin's blade.
The Gomen Shamo Kenkyukai (Gomen Shamo Research Group) was formed so we may enjoy Shamo-Nabe—on behalf of Ryoma, who regretfully missed out on having it. The Gomen Kenka Shamo chicken is the same 100% purebred Shamo—as it was when Ryoma ate it.
Please check the website of the Shamo Research Group for certified restaurants, "Gomen Shamo Nabe Shachu," where you can taste this Shamo chicken.
Be sure to experience the same deliciousness of Shamo chicken as it was in the olden days when Ryoma enjoyed it!