Okubo Kajiya (Blacksmith shop)

Okubo Kajiya was founded during the Taisho period. The unparalleled and unique tools are created by the third and fourth-generation masters, who were selected as modern master craftsmen.
At the time of the foundation, when agriculture, forestry, and fishery were thriving, blacksmiths were an essential part of life, with a shop in any region.
Katsuuracho’s Okubo Kajiya is one of the few blacksmiths that survived to this day.
They craft knives, hoes, and scissors for various purposes and also undertake their repairs to ensure they can be used for a long time.
They are blacksmiths who inherit the traditional blacksmith techniques to the modern era. They offer tools that are not disposable.
These are tools that you would want to cherish and use for a long time.