Battleship MUTSU was constructed at the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal and commissioned in 1921.
At the time of completion, she was regarded as one of the world’s "Big Seven" battleships, and she served as the flagship of the Combined Fleet alongside Battleship NAGATO.
The main battery consisted of four 41 cm twin turrets that were said to be able to fire from its current location at Verny Park all the way to Haneda Airport.
This main battery turret was exhibited at the Museum of Maritime Science in Tokyo.
Due to efforts led by locals, it was returned to Yokosuka.

The granite used for the cenotaph originally served as the foundation for an Imperial Japanese Navy building located within the U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka.
The stone was preserved by Kenji Niikura and donated upon the return of Battleship MUTSU's main battery.

This site is a satellite spot for the Yokosuka Route Museum, a unique way to experience the entire city as a “museum” with “routes” that connects together the history, culture, and natural environment of Yokosuka.


1-1 Shioiri-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa (Within Verny Park)

046-824-6291 (Mikasa Park Administration Office)

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1 minutes walk from JR Yokosuka Station

Verny Park Parking Lot, or there is a parking lot nearby



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