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News 2024.02.14

Metaverse Yokosuka: Talk Show with Kazutaka Miyatake 2024

Metaverse Yokosuka Talk Show with Kazutaka Miyatake will be held on Feburary 17, 2024. To commemorate the “Giant Robots: The Core of Japanese Mecha Anime” exhibition at the Yokosuka Art Museum.

About “Metaverse Yokosuka Talk Show with Kazutaka Miyatake 2024”

To commemorate the “Giant Robots: The Core of Japanese Mecha Anime” exhibition at the Yokosuka Art Museum, which started on February 9th, 2024, mechanic designer Kazutaka Miyatake created a design transforming Yokosuka’s symbol, the Battleship Mikasa, into the “Mikasa Robo.”

This design is part of the Yokosuka Metaverse Project and is scheduled to be unveiled at the Yokosuka Sarushima World starting February 9th.

Additionally, in celebration of this collaboration, a talk show focusing on the design of the Mikasa Robo will be held. Studio Nue’s Shigeru Morita will serve as the MC, discussing the secrets behind the creation of the Mikasa Robo.

About Talk Show

From February 10th to April 7th, the Yokosuka Art Museum’s “Giant Robots: The Core of Japanese Mecha Anime” exhibition collaborates with Metaverse Yokosuka!

Designed by Kazutaka Miyatake, a mechanic designer known for works like “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” and “Space Battleship Yamato,” the giant robot “Mikasa” will descend upon Sarushima!

Talk Show Information

Date of Event: February 17, 2024 (Saturday) 13:00–15:00
Registration Method: Peatix
Fee: Free (Separate admission fee required for boarding the Battleship Mikasa)
Venue: Battleship Mikasa Auditorium
Website: Cocoyoko Metaverse Talk Show (JP)

How to Get to MIKASA

By Rail:

  • KEIKYU(Keihin Kyuko) Line: Get off at Yokosuka Chuo Station. 15minutes walk.
  • JR Yokosuka Line:Get off at Yokosuka Station. Take a bus and get off at MIKAS Park stop or 25 minutes walk.

By Car:

Yokohama-Yokosuka Toll road.
Take exit of Yokosuka IC, get on Honcho-Yamanaka Toll Road and get on to Route 16. Make a left turn at the road sign to the MIKASA Park.

By Ferryboat from Kanaya port, Chiba:

From Kurihama Port, Take Route 134 to Ohtsu Intersection.After passing the intersection, take Yokosuka Kaigan Dori to Mikasa Park Then make right turn to the MIKASA Park.

About Sarushima World

In the future world of Sarushima, floating in Tokyo Bay’s sky, enjoy games set across the entire island. Choose between Score Match Mode, where teams compete for points, and Flag Match Mode, where flags must be transported to the opponent’s territory.

Utilize the terrain to your advantage, repel the opposing team with orbs of light emitted by mystical monkeys, and gain the upper hand in the game!

Metaverse Yokosuka Official Website: Metaverse Yokosuka

About Metaverse YOKOSUKA

Yokosuka City is actively promoting the “Metaverse Yokosuka” project to leverage the metaverse for showcasing urban allure and boosting tourism PR.

Futuristic Graphic. At dusk on Dobuita Street, a teenager in a Sukajan jacket and school uniform is reaching out towards you.

“Metaverse Yokosuka,” the newest tourist hotspot in the virtual realm. With a VR headset, step into the future of Yokosuka. Enjoy the nightlife along Dobuita Street, select your favorite Sukajan (Yokosuka-origin-designed jacket), and savor gourmet delights like Yokosuka Navy Curry or Yokosuka Navy Burger.

Within this world, you’ll find spaces and features ready for events, welcoming users into the metaverse. Major 3D assets within the world will gradually be released to creators worldwide. Utilize the diverse “Yokosuka 3D assets” to pursue your unique expressions.

Embark on a unique tourism experience co-created with the community and join Metaverse Yokosuka to be a part of this innovative journey.

Metaverse YOKOSUKA | Embark on a virtual exploration through space.

“Giant Robots” — The core of Japanese Mecha Anime Exhibition at Yokosuka Museum of Art

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Japanese mecha anime with the Giant Robots Exhibition at the Yokosuka Museum of Art! Celebrating 60 years since the debut of the first giant robot anime, “Tetsujin 28-go,” this exhibition runs from February 10 (Saturday) to April 7 (Sunday) and explores the unique history of design and visual representation. Don’t miss this unprecedented showcase!

This exhibition explores the evolution of giant robots’ design and visual representation in Japanese animation, prompting the question, “What defines a giant robot?” Animated robots, commonly known as “mecha” in Japan, have become integral to the country’s popular culture. The seamless integration of life-sized fictional robots, like the “Moving Gundam” in Yokohama, into major Japanese cities’ everyday landscapes is particularly noteworthy.

“Giant Robots” — The core of Japanese Mecha Anime Exhibition at Yokosuka Museum of Art

KATOH Naoyuki and MIYATAKE Kadutaka, Starship Troopers, 1977
Terrestrial Defense Corp. Dai-Guard (1999)
ⒸXEBEC・Flying Dog / Sotsu

“Metaverse Yokosuka” PV

“Mikasa Robo” Promoting video.

“Sarushima World” Promoting Video.

“Dobuita & Mikasa World” Promoting Video.

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