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News 2023.11.30

Metaverse YOKOSUKA | Embark on a virtual exploration through space.

Introducing “Metaverse Yokosuka”, the latest virtual attraction where you can experience the charm of Yokosuka anytime, from anywhere in the world. Explore the unique features and cultural highlights of Yokosuka in this immersive virtual space.

“Metaverse Yokosuka” How it started?

Yokosuka City is actively promoting the “Metaverse Yokosuka” project to leverage the metaverse for showcasing urban allure and boosting tourism PR.

Exploring the Digital Universe: Understanding the Metaverse

“Metaverse is a coined term that combines ‘meta,’ meaning ‘transcendent’ or ‘higher-dimensional,’ with ‘universe,’ conveying the concept of ‘space’ or ‘vast expanse.’ While the meaning may seem abstract and challenging to grasp, in essence, it refers to a three-dimensional digital virtual space created on the internet.

In a blue room, a yellow humanoid character wearing VR goggles is standing. Around them, two floating controllers create a futuristic image.

In this digital realm, users have the freedom to navigate, coming together to play games, shop, engage in business activities such as meetings and presentations, among other possibilities. It allows users to undertake various actions similar to real-life scenarios, creating the sensation of exploring another expansive world.”

A Virtual Frontier?: “Metaverse Yokosuka”

“Metaverse Yokosuka,” the newest tourist hotspot in the virtual realm. With a VR headset, step into the future of Yokosuka. Enjoy the nightlife along Dobuita Street, select your favorite Sukajan (Yokosuka-origin-designed jacket), and savor gourmet delights like Yokosuka Navy Curry or Yokosuka Navy Burger.

Futuristic Graphic. At dusk on Dobuita Street, a teenager in a Sukajan jacket and school uniform is reaching out towards you.

Within this world, you’ll find spaces and features ready for events, welcoming users into the metaverse. Major 3D assets within the world will gradually be released to creators worldwide. Utilize the diverse “Yokosuka 3D assets” to pursue your unique expressions.

Embark on a unique tourism experience co-created with the community and join Metaverse Yokosuka to be a part of this innovative journey.

Immerse in the “World”: A Sensory Adventure

Introducing two new VR worlds that capture the essence of future Yokosuka: “DOBUITA&MIKASA World,” bringing the vibrant atmosphere of American-inspired nightlife, and “SARUSHIMA World,” shrouded in mysterious allure (scheduled for December). Explore these distinct worlds and enjoy the wonders of Yokosuka like never before.

Futuristic Graphic. Dusk on Dobuita Street, with a monorail passing overhead.


At the hub of fashion and gourmet experiences in Yokosuka lies the “Dobuita Shopping Street,” the focal point for Sukajan jackets and local delicacies. Here, you can virtually immerse yourself in the world of style and gastronomy.

After selecting your favorite Sukajan and customizing your avatar at the Sukajan shop, extend your virtual journey to renowned eateries serving specialties like Yokosuka Navy Curry and Yokosuka Navy Burger. Wrapped in pleasant tunes, savor a laid-back evening, enjoying the chill atmosphere of this virtual haven.

Web Graphic: A man and a woman sitting face to face in a booth at a burger shop, about to enjoy Yokosuka Navy Burgers.


If you venture deeper into the Dobuita Shopping Street world, you’ll find the future Mikasa Park, home to one of the world’s three great memorial ships, the Mikasa. However, in this virtual realm, the Mikasa will astonish everyone with a surprising appearance.

On the stage set up within the park, unique metaverse-themed music events and entertainment activities that stir the soul are scheduled. Of course, the venue will also be open for general user access.

Web Graphic: Dusk view of the majestic battleship Mikasa with a live venue visible under the pink and purple sky.

Sarushima World is opening soon, scheduled for December.

World URL

Join the “World” : System Requirements for Metaverse Yokosuka Experience

To fully enjoy the Metaverse Yokosuka experience, ensure that your system meets the following requirements:

3D Graphic: VR goggles suspended against a backdrop of pink and yellow gradient, creating a futuristic atmosphere.

To experience the Metaverse Yokosuka world, a VR headset like Meta Quest 2 or 3 is required. While standalone use with Meta Quest 2 is possible, for those seeking a higher resolution experience, we recommend linking it with a desktop PC (Windows).
Additionally, utilizing VRChat’s desktop mode enables experiences using only a PC. Make sure your hardware and software are compatible and updated for an optimal journey into the immersive world of Metaverse Yokosuka.

A white speech bubble with a black outline, containing the VR Chat logo.

Install VR chat

In Metaverse Yokosuka, we use VRChat as the platform. To experience the world, follow these steps:

  1. Install VRChat App:
    • For Meta Quest 2 or desktop PC, install the VRChat app.
    • Meta Quest 2 users can download VRChat directly from the Oculus Store.
    • Desktop PC users can download the app from the VRChat website.
  2. Create a VRChat Account:
    • To use VRChat, you need a free account. Visit the VRChat website, and create an account by providing your email address and setting up a password.
    • VRChat is a social network with users from around the world. To enhance your interactions, choose a user name that is easy to understand, and customize your appearance (avatar) to reflect your personality.

By completing these steps, you’ll be ready to explore the unique and immersive world of Metaverse Yokosuka within VRChat.

Unlocking Creativity: Unveiling Unique 3D Assets in the Metaverse Yokosuka World

From Navy Curry and Navy Burger to Sukajan jackets – unique 3D assets used in the Metaverse Yokosuka world will be gradually unveiled. How you use them is entirely up to you. Whether it’s for crafting your own VR world or incorporating them into the props of a game you’re developing, the choice is yours. We look forward to unexpected and creative ideas.

Dobuita Style: Avatar & Fashion

Web Graphic: Five characters, including men, women, and children, wearing Sukajan jackets, posing in front of the shutters on Dobuita Street in Yokosuka.

Dobuita Street Elegance: Astonishingly High-Quality Virtual Sukajan Experience

Rooted in Dobuita Street, we’ve faithfully recreated the iconic ‘Sukajan’ jacket with its bold embroidery. Experience the Sukajan style instantly with the official VRoid original avatar from Yokosuka City. Additionally, you can download coordinated data featuring Sukajan jackets and fashion items for 15 popular avatars.

Web Graphic: Teenage boy and girl wearing Sukajan jackets.

Yokosuka’s Official VRoid Original Avatar: A Distinctive Virtual Identity

Presenting the official VRoid original avatar for Yokosuka, crafted by VRoid creator Lucas. Under the supervision of Sukajan artist Hiromichi Yokochi, this avatar embodies the Sukajan style with realistic embroidery and an authentic design. Available for use on various services compatible with VRoid, including VRChat.

Graphic Design: Silver-haired teenager wearing a Sukajan jacket with yellow sleeves and a black torso, striking a pose in a dynamic graphic with flames on both sides.

Dobuita Style Fashion Assets: Virtual Trends Unleashed

The popular VR apparel brand “EXTENSION CLOTHING” virtualizes the Sukajan, meticulously replicating the lavish embroidery under the guidance of Sukajan artist Hiromichi Yokochi. Crafted by the ultimate creator, Yui, this virtual Sukajan is a masterpiece that faithfully reproduces the detailed realism and luxurious feel seen in the virtual realm.

For enthusiasts of popular avatars on platforms like VRChat, we offer coordinated assets, including the Sukajan, pants, skirts, accessories, and more. Explore various color variations and unleash your creativity in customizing these assets. For those skilled in customization, I encourage you to also venture into arranging coordinated outfits and create a unique look that is one of a kind.

Graphic Design: Against an egg-colored background, four teenage boys and girls wearing Sukajan jackets strike poses on either side, while in the center, iconic Yokosuka delicacies such as Navy Burger, Navy Curry, and Cherry Cheesecake are showcased.

From VR Production to VTuber Streams! Explore Yokosuka’s Gourmet Virtually

Experience Yokosuka’s beloved local delights, such as Yokosuka Navy Curry, Yokosuka Navy Burger, and Cherry Cheesecake, through our 3D assets. Whether you want to use them as props in your VR world, items in your game, or accessories for VTuber streams, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to unleash your creativity with these authentic pieces of Yokosuka’s culinary charm.

On a beige background, a lineup of Yokosuka's iconic delicacies including Navy Burger, Navy Curry, Cherry Cheesecake, Tuna Bowl, and Pudding.

Yokosuka Gourmet Assets

We offer 3D assets of beloved local specialties from Yokosuka City, such as Yokosuka Navy Curry, Yokosuka Navy Burger, and Cherry Cheese Cake. These assets can be freely utilized in VR worlds as props or in-game items, as well as accessories for VTuber livestreams. Feel free to incorporate them into your creative projects and bring them to life.

Assets Catalog

VR chat

Metaverse Yokosuka utilizes the social VR platform VRChat, allowing users to interact with people from around the world in virtual space. Alongside numerous creators active in VR, we plan to engage as a part of the community, sharing information and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the virtual world.

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