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PWA Ranking 2023 Slalom Men | FLY! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka - Miura

Through this page, let’s enhance our understanding of the
PWA Ranking Slalom Men 2023 and maximize our enjoyment of the upcoming event.

About Windsurfing World cup

The PWA World Tour is an international event series where professional windsurfing athletes compete in various regions around the world, demonstrating their skills and speed.

This tour gathers the top windsurfing athletes who compete in different categories such as slalom, wave riding, and freestyle.

A sepia photo of a man windsurfing in the ocean, leaning back, with the sun making the ocean shine.
A sepia photo of a man windsurfing in the ocean with splashes of waves.


Slalom in windsurfing is a discipline that places particular emphasis on technique and balance.
It enjoys widespread popularity worldwide, with top athletes from many countries participating in the FLY! ANA Windsurfing World Cup.

This competition features separate events for both men and women, and it’s worth noting the impressive technical skills demonstrated by competitors at the highest level on the global stage.

Slalom Men PWA Ranking 2023


A chart of the pwa world cup ranking for men's slalom in 2023, with the names and scores of the current top 6 surfers.

Top 3 Players — Performance and Ranking Analysis

Note: The top 3 contenders are engaged in a fierce competition,
with the potential for rankings to shift based on their performance in forthcoming events.


Maciek Rutkowski, also known as Maciej Rutkowski, is a talented Polish windsurfer born in Słupsk, Poland.
He is a world champion, a two-time world vice-champion.


Rutkowski holds numerous titles, Youth world and European champion, and an 19 time Polish champion.
He gained recognition for becoming the 1st Polish windsurfer to conquer the legendary Jaws wave in Maui.
In 2021, 2nd position in the Defi Wind event, which draws around 1200 participants annually.


Since 2020, he has been hosting “The Windsurfing Podcast,”
a show in which he conducts interviews with athletes, representatives of the windsurfing industry, and legends of the sport.


Matteo Iachino, born in Savona, Italy. His windsurfing journey began at the age of 10, under the guidance of his father. He made his debut in the Windsurf World Cup in 2009, initially ranking 37th in the slalom category.


In 2010, He won the slalom world championship title, putting an end to Albeau and Dunkerbeck’s 17-year dominance.
In the following 3 seasons, Iachino consistently finished as the world championship runner-up.


Pierre Mortefon born in Narbonne, France, His most significant achievement to date is winning the World Championship in 2019.
Mortefon started windsurfing at the age of 11.
In 2004, he made his debut in the Windsurf World Cup at a Super-X event in Leucate.


In 2014, he had a breakthrough with his first podium finish and his first victory.
He consistently ranked in the top three of the World Cup standings in the following years.
In the 2019 season, he achieved his long-awaited World Championship title with 3 event wins and two second-place finishes.


His sister, Marion Mortefon, became the Slalom World Champion in 2021, and the Foil World Champion in 2022.

Other compatible Athletes

Johan Soe, Amado Vrieswijk, Enrico Marotti,
ranked 4th and below, have consistently delivered strong performances, continuing to challenge the top athletes.
Keep an eye on their future endeavors.

PWA current ranking

1Maciek RutkowskiChallenger Sails, FMX Racing10300 (1)10200 (2)9800 (6)9600 (8)30300
2Matteo IachinoSeverne Windsurfing, Starboard9800 (6)10000 (4)10100 (3)10200 (2)30300
3Pierre MortefonDuotone, Fanatic, Phantom Foils10200 (2)10100 (3)9900 (5)9500 (9)30200
4Johan SoePoint 7, FMX Racing, F4 Foils10000 (4)010200 (2)10000 (4)30200
5Amado VrieswijkSeverne Windsurfing, Future Fly Boards9200 (12)9700 (7)10000 (4)10300 (1)30000
6Enrico MarottiNeilPryde, JP9600 (8)10300 (1)9500 (9)9400 (10)29400
7Michele BeckerPatrik Boards, Patrik Sails, Patrik Foils9900 (5)9600 (8)9300 (11)9800 (6)29300
8Bruno MartiniNeilPryde, JP9100 (13)9500 (9)9700 (7)9700 (7)28900
9Nicolas PrienNeilPryde, JP Australia9500 (9)9900 (5)9400 (10)9000 (14)28800
10Alexandre CousinPatrik Boards, Patrik Sails, Patrik Foils9700 (7)9100 (13)8800 (16)9100 (13)27900
11Jordy VonkDuotone, Fanatic, F4 Foils8700 (17)9800 (6)9000 (14)8200 (22)27500
12Alexis Mathis (Y)GA Sails, Tabou Boards8900 (15)9200 (12)8300 (21)9300 (11)27400
13William HuppertPhantom Sails, Phantom Foils, Phantom Boards9400 (10)08900 (15)8800 (16)27100
14Scotty StallmanGA Sails, Tabou Boards8000 (24)8500 (19)9100 (13)8600 (18)26200
15Ingmar DaldorfGA Sails, Tabou Boards8600 (18)9000 (14)8400 (20)026000
16Cedric BordesSeverne Windsurfing8400 (20)8900 (15)8100 (23)8500 (19)25800
17Benoit MerceurSeverne Windsurfing, Starboard Foil, Starboard8800 (16)8700 (17)8200 (22)8000 (24)25700

Source PWA official website:


Windsurfing is a thrilling sport driven by wind and waves. Watching pro athletes offers a deeper understanding of its charm. Don’t miss their performances. Learning from their success reveals windsurfing techniques and equipment insights.

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2022 RECAP

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The top 3 women in slalom and the top 3 men in slalom are raising their trophies on their respective podiums and look thrilled.



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