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News 2024.03.04

Ultra Seven Interactive Mystery Event: ‘CaseFile AR196837 – Stars and the Girl’

Experience Ultra Seven Interactive Mystery Event: ‘CaseFile AR196837 – Stars and the Girl’ in Yokosuka. Ultraseven’s world in this interactive mystery event using AR technology. Join the quest to decode mysterious radio waves and unravel the secrets from space. Immerse yourself in the story through LINE and XR City app, solving puzzles and interacting with characters. Don’t miss the adventure!

Event Overview

“CaseFile AR196837: Stars and Girl” – An Interactive Mystery Event to Experience the World of Ultraseven


December 27, 2023 (Wednesday) – March 26, 2024 (Tuesday) (Recommended experience time: 10:00 – 16:30)




Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.

Planning & Development

Kakushin Co., Ltd.

Official Website

Ultra Seven Interactive Mystery Event: ‘CaseFile AR196837 – Stars and the Girl’ Official Website

XR City Yokosuka More’s City Page


Yokosuka More’s City

Yokosuka More’s City Official Website

Event Details

“CaseFile AR196837: Stars and Girl” is an interactive mystery event provided by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. and NTT QONOQ Co., Ltd., where you can experience the world of Ultraseven and enjoy solving mysteries. This event utilizes the smartphone app “LINE” and “XR City,” employing augmented reality (AR) technology to immerse participants in the world of Ultraseven.

Story: the synopsis of this game

EPISODE 0: In Search of Moroboshi Dan

You encounter a woman named “Anne Yuri” and a member of the organization “PARTY” named “Takumi.” Anne is searching for a man named “Moroboshi Dan” and informs you that she is looking for a message he wanted to convey to humanity 55 years ago. You will investigate various incidents with them.

CaseFile AR196837: Stars and Girl

As you investigate mysterious radio waves from space, you discover the image of a girl at their source. Who is she, and what is the content of the mysterious radio waves? Unravel the mysteries and decode the message from space.

Key Highlights of Enjoyment

Immersive Story Experience with LINE and Kits

The story unfolds primarily through LINE, with conversations with multiple characters and puzzle-solving.

Immersive AR Experience

Utilizing AR technology, Ultraseven’s items and characters appear in the real world, bringing unseen elements of the story to life before your eyes.

Experience the World of “Ultraseven”

Participants experience classic episodes of Ultraseven and solve the mysteries as the protagonist of the story.

Event Flow

Step 1: Start from Home or Any Preferred Location!

You can solve the mystery based on the information sent to you via LINE. Before heading to the scene, make sure to grasp an overview of the incident! LINE Link

This also serves as a confirmation of whether XR City is available or not, so please be sure to experience it before purchasing the kit. XR City Link

Recommended Environment/Preparation

To smoothly experience this event, please check the following settings in advance:

  • Please update the “XR City” app to the latest version.
  • Set the default browser of your smartphone to “Safari” for iOS devices and “Chrome” for Android devices.
  • Launch the XR City app from LINE and play specific content. In the case of iOS devices, if the XR City app does not open and the browser or App Store opens instead, please tap the “Open with ‘XR City’ app” button at the top of the browser, or reinstall the “XR City” app and try again.
  • For PC users, please click here.

Step 2: Purchase the Kit

Visit the location guided by LINE and purchase the investigation kit.
This marks the beginning of a full-fledged investigation into the case. Utilize AR features to solve the mysterious case with your own hands.

Step 3: Solve Puzzles at Your Own Pace!

There’s no time limit. There are puzzles that require careful consideration, so I recommend progressing while taking breaks at cafes or benches.
Since you’ll be using your smartphone extensively, don’t forget to keep it charged.

Kit Purchase


¥2,000 (incl. tax)

Purchase Location

Location guided during gameplay (within the event area premises)

  • To join this event, you’ll need to use the smartphone apps “LINE” and “XR City.” Before purchasing the mystery-solving kit, ensure your device is compatible by checking the “How to Play” instructions.
  • If AR content can’t be experienced due to factors like weather or device issues, try again another day or skip AR effects and proceed with the story using hints within LINE.
  • For group participation, each person should have their own mystery-solving kit.


Q: What are the compatible devices for the XR City app?

A: Compatible devices for the XR City app are as follows:
【Smartphones】Android devices with ARCore support running Android 9 or above / iOS devices with ARCore support running iOS 13 or above
【iPad】iPad devices with ARCore support running iPadOS 13 or above

Q: Is there anything to check before participating?

A: Before participating, please ensure that your smartphone is compatible with “LINE” and “XR City.” Also, due to venue/facility constraints, there may be days when a full experience is not possible. Please check the “Unavailable Dates” section on this website beforehand.

Q: Is there a time limit?

A: There is no time limit, but due to venue/facility constraints, there may be days when a full experience is not possible. Please check the “Unavailable Dates” section on this website.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: There is no age restriction, but due to the difficulty of the puzzles, the recommended age is upper elementary school students and above. For elementary school students, the presence of a guardian aged 20 or above is required.

Q: If I want to play with multiple people, do we each need to purchase a kit?

A: Yes, each person needs to purchase one kit.

Q: Are there any items required to bring for playing?

A: The use of smartphone apps “LINE” and “XR City” is necessary. Additionally, since writing utensils are not included in the puzzle-solving kit, we recommend bringing your own.

Q: What should I do if I find the puzzles too difficult to solve?

A: Hints will be provided during LINE conversations. Please make use of them.

Q: Can I post puzzle solutions on social media after the game ends?

A: Puzzle-solving in this event remains the same, so to avoid spoiling the enjoyment for other participants, please refrain from posting puzzle problems, answers, or AR scenes. Feedback and clearances are welcome, but please be mindful of spoilers.

Items Needed & Participation Conditions

  1. For this event, you will need a puzzle-solving kit and the smartphone apps “LINE” and “XR City.” Please check the compatible devices for the “XR City” app on the event website’s FAQ section. Please note that using the apps may drain your battery quickly.
  2. The sale location of the puzzle-solving kit will be guided during LINE gameplay. Please be aware that the sale location of the puzzle-solving kit may vary depending on the content and venue you choose.
  3. The puzzle-solving kit does not include writing utensils. As there may be puzzles where writing is necessary, we recommend bringing your own writing tools.
  4. Please note that the installation and usage of the app will incur data charges on your part. Due to potential data consumption, we recommend using a flat-rate communication environment.


【Required Items / Participation Conditions】

  • For this event, you’ll need a mystery-solving kit and the smartphone apps “LINE” and “XR City.” Please check the event website’s FAQ for compatible devices. Note that using the apps may drain your battery quickly, so please be mindful.
    “LINE” “XR City”
  • The sale location of the mystery-solving kit will be indicated during gameplay on LINE. Be aware that the sale location may vary depending on the event venue. Also, as writing utensils are not included, it’s recommended to bring your own.
  • Participants are responsible for the installation and usage data charges of the apps. Due to potential increases in data usage, we recommend using a flat-rate billing data plan.

【About the Event】

  • Staff at stores selling the kits or venues hosting the event won’t know the contents or answers to the mysteries. Please refrain from asking them questions related to the mysteries and utilize hints provided within LINE.
  • Depending on the operating hours and environmental conditions of the venues, it may not be possible to solve mysteries. Please be aware of this possibility.
  • The event may be canceled or the duration changed without prior notice, and refunds won’t be issued for any fees or expenses incurred for participation or kit purchases.
  • The storyline is fictional.


  • Solving mysteries or using smartphones while walking can be dangerous. Please adhere to traffic rules and be cautious to avoid accidents.
  • Participants are responsible for any accidents, troubles, or damages occurring during the event.
  • Lost kits will not be reissued, so please take care not to lose them.
  • If you experience symptoms, please refrain from participating.
  • Please avoid posting spoilers on social media or blogs.

【Details and Notes for Yokosuka MORE’s CITY】

  • Recommended Experience Time: 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • The availability of AR experiences may vary depending on the environment. Please be mindful of operating hours and weather conditions.

【Enjoy Free AR Experiences Alongside the Interactive Mystery-solving Event!】

Yokosuka Mores City: Detailed Information & Notices

Recommended Experience Time

10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

  • Some spots for experiencing AR (using the XR City app) may not be accessible due to conditions such as weather or time of day, resulting in insufficient brightness in the surrounding area.
  • For puzzle-solving scenes not utilizing the XR City app, experience is possible within the operating hours of the facilities required for the puzzle-solving spots. For detailed operating hours of the facilities (Tokyo Dome City), please check here.
  • Unavailable Dates: (As of December 22, 2023)
  • January 1, 2024 (Monday), February 19, 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Please note that unavailable dates may change depending on the event schedule of the event area/facilities. Before participating, please check for the latest information.

*Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to respond to inquiries.

This event promises to be an enjoyable experience for fans of Ultraseven and puzzle enthusiasts alike. We hope to see you there!