Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2022.10.21

This is the fourth in a series of “Yokosuka Route Museum”

This is the fourth in a series of Yokosuka Route Museum events that take visitors to discover the history, culture, and nature in Yokosuka.

This time, we will visit the west coast area. 

The tour will take in temples associated with the Miura clan, include a walk along the scenic coastline and a view of Akiya-no-tateishi, one of Kanagawa’s 50 most scenic spots.

What is Yokosuka Route Museum ?

What is this Yokosuka Route Museum

A “museum” with “routes” connecting together the history, culture, and natural environment of Yokosuka.

The Yokosuka Route Museum is connected together by “routes” leading between places to enjoy Yokosuka’s abundant nature and notable historical and cultural sites scattered around this city.

The whole city is thus construed as a new sort of a “museum” that connects abundant nature with the interesting culture and history of Yokosuka from the time when Japan opened up to the world and entered modernity.

Event information

DateSaturday, October 1 – Wednesday, November 30, 2022
※ The event is cancelled on Saturday, November 5, as the West Administrative Centre is closed all day
LocationJR Zushi Station
( The reception area is in the Community Centre in the West Administration Centre )
Chargefree. Anyone can participate.
Official websiteThe JR East Japan Railway
Contact usThe “Station-to-station hiking” office
※ Weekdays: 10 am – 5 pm
※ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 9 am – 12 pm
Organizer・The JR East Japan Railway
・The Yokosuka Visitor Attraction, Promotion and Attractiveness Executive Committee

How to participate

How to participate

1: Please come directly to the Community Centre in the West Administrative Centre during reception

Hours: 9:00 am – 11:30 am

※ To get to the West Administration Centre, take the Keikyu bus from the JR Zushi Station and walk from the Yokosuka Municipal Hospital bus stop.

※ Please note that parking and bicycle parking are not provided.

2 : Register your participation on the ‘Hiking from the station app’ !

After downloading the app, press the ‘Join a course’ button and select the course you wish to participate in.
When the app displays ‘Participation accepted’, you have been accepted.

※ For more information about the Hiking from the Station app, please visit ➭ The Hiking from the Station app

※ Course maps are available at the Community Centre in the West Administration Centre.

3 : Hiking start!

Start hiking following the course map!
Start within the same day’s registration time and finish by closing time!

Hiking & Walking course

Awashima Shrine
≪ length of journey: approx. 9 km ≫
JR Zushi Station
⇓ Route bus
Start !! Community centre in West Administration Centre
⇓ Hiking
Muryōji Temple
⇓ Hiking
Chinjumen Shrine
⇓ Hiking
Tenjinjima Waterfront Nature Education Park
⇓ Hiking
Awashima Shrine
⇓ Hiking
Jyunisho Shrine
⇓ Hiking
Jorakuji Temple
⇓ Hiking
Shogyoin Temple
⇓ Hiking
Goal !! Tateishi Park
⇓ Route bus
JR Zushi Station