Chofu bicycle Course

Would you like to ride a bicycle through an urban forest? If you wish to walk around sightseeing spots in Chofu, it is a bit distant tour.
But if you ride a bicycle, it is an easy tour that allows you to feel the nature of Chofu.
In the city, there are rental stations where you can pick up and return a bicycle. It is possible for anyone to use a bicycle readily.

Course Information

(A) Chofu Station Cycle Port

(Free) Membership registration is required before using a share cycle.
After registering, you can make a reservation from your PC or smartphone app.
To register, click the HELLO CYCLING link below and confirm the detail

(B) Fudatenjin Shrine

Fudaten Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in the Tama region.
According to shrine legend, it was established as many as 1,940 years ago.
It is said that GeGeGe no Kitarō lives in miscellaneous trees at the back of the shrine.

1-8-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo

(C) Jindai Nigiwai-no-sato "Chofu Wholesale Center"

The center opens in the early morning. A lively atmosphere of the market can be enjoyed at the start of the day.

1-11-1 Jindaijimotomachi, Chofu, Tokyo
【Opening Hours】
Wednesday, Sunday and holidays
Irregular holidays
* "Chofu yasai batake" is open 365 days a year (open until 13:00).

(D) Jindaiji Temple: Water in Musashino, Greenery, Temple, and Soba

Blessed with lush greenery and affluent spring water, Jindaiji temple is located in a place where the original landscape of Musashino remains vividly intact.
Besides the historic buildings and Buddha statutes, you can enjoy the experience of Buddhist prayer services and a Raku pottery workshop as well as soba dishes making use of water of Jindaiji Temple and food and drinks at Japanese-style cafés.

5-15-1 JIndaijimotomachi, JIndaiji, Chofu, Tokyo
【Opening Hours】

Nearby spots ① Jindaiji Soba (Traditional Japanese noodles)

More than 20 Jindaiji Soba shops are located around Jindaiji Temple, attracting lots of attention as one of the most famous places of soba noodles in Tokyo.

5 JIndaijimotomachi, JIndaiji, Chofu, Tokyo

(E) Nogawa River

The source of the Nogawa river is spring water from the Kokubunji Terrace Cliff.
In the spring you can see stunning cherry blossom in Chofu city.

Chofu, Tokyo

(F) Nogawa Park

The Nogawa Park is a vast park with about a 400,000 square meter dimension rich in water and greenery.

Nomizu, Chofu, Tokyo
0422-31-6457 (Nogawa Park Service Center)

(G) Musashino Forest Park (Musashino-no-mori Park)

A) This lovely park is on the site of Chofu Base.
 From around the park, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Musashino forest.
There are engraved stones from every prefecture of Japan on Hometown Hill.
On a clear day from the Hometown Hill, you can see the Chofu Airfield and the Shinjuku subverted building.
The road cycling race of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will start from here.

3 Asahicho, Fuchu, Tokyo
Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo
5chome, 6chome Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo

(H) Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo Stadium)

At the Rugby World Cup in 2019, the opening ceremony and the opening game will be held there, and some events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including soccer, the modern pentathlon and seven-a-side, will be held there.

376-3 Nishimachi, Chofu, Tokyo

(I) Tobitakyu Station Cycle Port

This rental service allows you to return a bicycle to a location other than where you borrowed it.
※ Please be aware that you may only return the bicycle to a HELLO CYCLING station.

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