【D】Mishima Taisha Shrine Area

Recommended Spots

(1) Mishima Taisha Shrine

The Mishima Taisha shrine is widely known as one of the most prestigious shrines in Japan.(“Ichinomiya”)
The date of its foundation is unknown.
Since ancient times, the shrine has protected the area of Mishima and hence on look the name “Mishima”.

2-1-5 Omiyacho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(2) House of Mishima Lunar Calendar Publisher

The “House of Mishima Lunar Calendar Publisher” is a small museum that introduces the “Mishima-goyami calendar” that is a Japan’s oldest calendar as a printed calendar with kana characters.
It is located 300 m east of the Mishima Taisha Shrine.

2-5-17 Omiyacho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(3) Old Kamakura Road

The “Kamakura Kodo” is a road that was developed to connect Kyoto and Kamakura when "Minamoto no Yoritomo" started Japan’s first Shogunate regime in Kamakura (Kamakura Shogunate), and it became the essential road for east-west traffic.

Chuocho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(4) Goten River

It is said that the Goten River was given its name because this river flows to the east side of a palatial home where Iemitsu, the third Shogun of the Edo period, stayed when on the way to Kyoto.

Shibahoncho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(5) Koshikiri-Fudo Stone Statue

The Koshikiri-Fudo Stone Statue is a stone Buddha image found at the bottom of the Goten River in 1633.
It got its name, “Koshi(waist) kiri(cutting)”, because it is only carved from the upper part of the waist; no lower part of the body.

19-6 Minamihoncho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(6) Riverside’s Literature Monuments (Mizukami-dori Road)

On the Mizukami-dori Street along the Sakuragawa River from Mishima Station to Mishima Taisha Shrine, there are 12 monuments of literary figures related to Mishima city, including the world-famous writers such as Dazai Osamu and Wakayama Bokusui.

1-9 Omiyacho, Mishima, Shizuoka

(7) The ruins of "Toiyaba (Administration office in Edo period)"

Mishima town flourished as the 11th post town on the “Tokaido road” that was the most important of the Five Routes of the Edo period in Japan, connecting Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo).

4 Chuocho, Mishima, Shizuoka

Seseragi Walking route / (D) Mishima Taisha Shrine Area

Point List

(01) Mishima Taisha Shrine ①
(02) Mishima Taisha Shrine ②
(03) Mishima Haraido Shrine
(04) Riverside's Literature Monuments
(05) Chuocho 4-26
(06) Aka Bridge
(07) Mishima City Hall Chuocho Branch
(08) Mishima Taisha Shrine ③
(09) Mishima City Hall
(10) City Hall South
(11) Taishamae 3-15
(12) Taishacho 5-7
(13) Mishima City Disaster Prevation Center
(14) Taishacho 11-31
(15) Omiyacho 2-4-31
(16) Mishima Taisha Shrine ④

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