Explore Higashikagawa City at a Leisurely pace, as if strolling through a living museum

Higashikagawa City is nestled at the eastern tip of Kagawa Prefecture, embraced by abundunt seas, mountains, and picturesque villages. The City boasts a nostalgic townscape where traditional arts are meticulously preserved, and legacy of manufacturing is passed down through time with steadfast techniques.

Every corner you explore is met with welcoming smiles from the locals, adding to the charm of the experience.
Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture by visiting the Higashikagawa Route Museum.

Exploring the Interwined Beauty of Local Lifestyle and Nature's Abundunt Blessings

(A) Gloves
The glove industry accounts 90% of the national market share of domestically produced gloves and offers glove workshop tours, glove-making experience.
(B) Yellowtail (Hamachi)
Guide to delicious Hamachi, with a focus on "Ado Pond", the birthplace of Hamachi cultivation, located in Hiketa, Higashikagawa City.
(C) Soy Sauce
Kamebishi is registered as an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset. It is Japna's only soy sauce made using the Musiro Koji (Salted reice Malt) method.
(D) Wasanbon
The unfogettable taste of refinement: "Wasanbon", a "high-grade sugar" is using a method from the Edo period (1603-1867).
(E) Setonaikai
The Seto Inland Sea wraps around the lives of those in Higashikagawa City. Camping amidst the serene waves of the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai) is captivating.
(F) Satoyama
"Gomyo" offers the opportunity to immerse in the Satoyama lifestyle, where individuals live harmoniously with the blessings of the mountains.
(G) Toramaruyama
"Toramaruyama" (Tiger Mountain) is beloved by local residents as a sacred mountain of faith. Facilities and souvenirs inspired by Toramaru are also among the enjoyable attractions.
(H) Art
Higashikagawa City boasts renowned photo spots like Wangan Art, making it the perfect destination for capturing cherished memories with loved ones.
(I) Stay
Embrace the end of the day amidst panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea, where nature surrounds you, offering retreat to unwind after your travels.

(A) Gloves

Every glove originates from Higashikagawa City: Number one in Japan's market share!

With a history dating back 130 years to the Meiji era (1868-1912), the glove industry, often called the "Tebukuro (Gloves) City", enjoys deep roots in the local area.Exrerience firsthand the technology and skilled craftsmanship that has evolved over the years by visiting a glove workshop. Immerse yourself in the tactile world of glove production, where the comforting hum of old-fashioned sewing machines add to the unique ambience.

(1) Emoto Tebukuro CO., Ltd. / Factory Shop
"Artisanal glove workshops, crafting quality gloves through skilled handiwork!"

The glove brand "Haku" originated from the aspirations of skilled glove craftsmen residing in the port town of Hiketa, driven by their desire to "create things that live like people". In addition to our guided tours, you can enhance your connection with this artisanal process with a hands-on experience of craftiong your own original gloves.

【Address】 2724 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-3165
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 17:00
(2) Kawa-wa
"Discover Kawa-wa's premium leather gloves and small accessories, meticulously handcrafted by skilled glove artisans!"

"Kawa-wa" manufactures and sells leather gloves and small accessories using high-quality sheep leather. You can acquire original handmade products crafted by skilled glove artisans, working from design to cutting, sewing, and finishing.

【Address】 1842 Minato, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-25-3179
【Opening hours】 10:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 16:30
(3) Ruboa Co., Ltd. / Ruboa Design Shop
"Exquisite small leather goods, a fusion of high design and quality!"

Higashikagawa City boasts a thriving leather industry, renowned for its skillful crafting of gloves, which expends to conveted products like wallets, bag, and accessories. The innovative manufacturing process has garnered significant attenstion both domestically and internationally, with guided tours available for a firsthand look at the meticulous craftsmanship behind these premium goods.

【Address】 1097-3 Matsubara, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-25-1237
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 17:00

(B) Yellowtail (Hamachi)

"Ado Pond": the first successful Yellowtail (Hamachi) aquaculture in Japan

In 1928, Japan celebrated its initial triumph in cultivating Hamachi at Ado Pond in Hiketa, Higashikagawa City. Since then, Ado Pond has established itself as one of Japan's most extensive saltwater fishing ponds, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the thrilling pursuit of Sea Bream, Hamachi. Feeding Yellowtail is full of excitement!
(1) Marrericco
"It only takes three seconds to catch a Sea Bream!? What is going on under the water!"

Experience the thrilling "Feeding Yellowtail", where the sea surface boils as you throw the bait, or try your hand at "sea bream fishing", where you can catch one in just 3 seconds. Inside the facility, there are introductions to the history of aquaculture and fish quizzes, ensuring that you'll emerge as an aquaculture expert!

【Address】 4373 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-2929
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 17:00 (Last admission / 16:00)
(2) Wa-san / Wa-san Tei
"Feast on fresh Hamachi Amidst the Harmony of Ado Pond, Seto Inland Sea, and Mountains."

On the ground floor, discover appealing souvenirs, then head to the second floor to relish the freshness of Hiketa Hamachi. Overlooking Ado Pond, treat yourself to mouthwatering Yellowtail Bowls, Set meals, and Hamachi Katsu (cutlets).

【Address】 4373 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-2800
【Opening hours】 7:00 - 16:00 (1F: Wa-san), 10:30 - 13:30 (2F: Wa-san Tei)

(C) Soy Sauce

Preserving Tradition: The Timeless Legacy of the "Mushiro Koji" Method, Thriving for Over 270 Years.

Established in 1753, the renowned soy sauce brewery "Kamebishi" takes pride in its commitment to domestically sourced ingredients and traditional Mushiro Koji fermentation methods. The renovated tatami rooms, complete with a stunning garden, are a must-see for visitors. With a dedicated focus on product development, their freeze-dried soy sauce salt has become a major hit among customers.
(1) Kamebishi Shop
"Enhance your dining with a touch of sophistication"

Soy sauce is available for sale at the "Kamebishi Shop" both in-store and online. At the store, you can sample various soy sauces, and additionally, there are soy sauce snacks and chocolates available for purchase.

【Address】 2174 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-2555
【Opening hours】 10:00 - 16:00

(D) Wasanbon

Delicate Taste: The Highest-Grade "Offering to the Emperor" of the Edo Period, a Traditional Industry with Deep Roots

Under the title "Wasanbon", a "high-grade sugar" is using the Edo period (1603-1867) production method. Sugarcane, the raw material for this product, is also grown in Higashikagawa City. The excess honey is scraped off and the refined soft sweetness of "Wasanbon" is born.
(1) Mitani Sugar Hane Sanuki Honpo
"Inheriting a Tradition Continuing from the Edo Period"

Since its establishment in Bunka Year 1 (1804), Wasanbon has been produced using production methods passed down from generation to generation, and is characterized by its natural, elegant sweetness and smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. We take the time and effort to provide only the highest quality products.

【Address】 156-8 Umayado, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-2224
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 18:00
(2) Baikodo Main Store
"A Bite of Joy: Wasanbon Delights"

In addition to the traditional refined sugar Wasanbon, Baikodo also offers "Wasanbon dried confections" adorned with seasonal flower shapes and adorable animal shapes. Factory tours are also available, where you can learn about the history and characteristics of Wasanbon and observe the process of shaping and packaging. [Reservation required]

【Address】 140-4 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0120-33-6218
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 17:30
【Closed】 Wednesdays
(3) Sanshu Izutsu Yashiki
"A Hands-On Wasanbon Experience"

Sanshu Izutsuyashiki offers a hands-on experience of molding Wasanbon. The Wasanbon you create in a wooden mold of your choice is exceptionally delicious. Children are also welcomed! [Reservation required]

【Address】 2163 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-23-8550
【Opening hours】 10:00 - 16:00
【Closed】 Wednesdays

(E) Setonaikai

Immerse Yourself in the Allure of Setouchi – Not Just a Destination, but a Lifestyle.

Discover the joys of camping in Higashikagawa City, where the gentle waves of the Seto Inland Sea create a serene backdrop.Share quality time with family and friends, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.Various lodging options awaits, including cosy lodges, and engage in activities such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and canoeing experiences.
(1) Yamada Beach
"Capture the breathtaking beauty of the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea"

Higashikagawa City is home to one of the most picturesque photo spots. The Seto Inland Sea, illuminated by the evening sun, transforms into a mesmerizing crimson hue, offering a breathtaking sight exclusive to this locale. During the summer, the area buzzes with activity as beach enthusiasts and campers flock to its shores, while stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) offers an exhilarating experience for visitors.

【Address】 1527 Umashino, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-26-1276 (Higashi-Kagawa City Regional Revitalization Division)
(2) Oike Auto Campsite
"Discover a pristine and well maintained campsite with a picturesque view"

Savor the tranquility of our lakeside campsite, where you can spend the day camping, paddle around in a canoe, and gather for a barbecue by the water's edge.

【Address】 3066-1 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-7168
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 17:00
 ・Free Site: Per night ¥2,500~
 ・Auto Camping: Per night ¥3,500~
 ・Log Cabin: Per night ¥6,000~
(3) Tanoura Yaeijo Camp Site
"Nature's Welcome: No charge, No Reservations Required!"

Situated directly by the beach, Tanoura Campsite offers a retreat for nature lovers, providing a high degree of freedom to enjoy nature in your preferred way. Start your mornings with a refreshing workout by the shore as the sun begins to rise!

【Address】 3017-2 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-26-1276 (Higashi-Kagawa City Regional Revitalization Division)

(F) Satoyama

Discover the charm of Gomyo, a small, sheltered Satoyama lifestyle

Experience the diverse seasonal landscapes, from the vibrant greenery of spring to the warm hues of autumn. With a population of under 300, the village is gaining vitality as individuals from outside the City and Prefecture settle in. Here, experience life close to nature, where time flows leisurely, creating a tranquil and enriching environment.
(1) Gomyo Furusato no Ie
"Gomyo Tourist Hub "Sanchoku Cafe, Gomyo Furusato no Ie (Gomyo Furusato House)""

Fresh local vegetables and specialty products line the shelves, while cafes offer Gibier dishes made from wild boar and deer captured in the Gomyo district. On sunny days, outdoor BBQs are a must-try, with the added bonus of indulging in the newly introduced Gibier burgers packed with flavors of Eastern Kagawa. Indulge in luxuries that can only be savored here.

【Address】 1400 Gomyo, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-29-2832
【Opening hours】 8:30 - 16:00
(2) Farm Inn, Gomyo Yamabiko no Yado
"Renovated 80-year-old farmhouse: a farm-inn where epochs meet."

Experience delightful moments with family and friends surrounded by the ever-changing beauty of nature throughout the seasons, from fireflies in summer to vibrant autumn foliage.

【Address】 1374 Gomyo, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-29-2502
【Fee】 Per night without meals ¥3,000 (One house can be rented out with a capacity of 15 people)

(G) Toramaruyama

Toramaruyama Mountain, Watching Over Higashikagawa City!

Toramaruyama Mountain, standing at 417 meters; Hongu Mountain, at 346 meters; and Nachi Mountain, at 271 meters, are collectively known as the Kumano Sanzan, revered as mountains of faith and cherished by the local residents. Additionally, there are attractions such as Japan's largest population of white tigers at Shirotori Zoo and various facilities and souvenirs themed around Toramaruyama.
(1) Shirotori Zoo
"Experience "Ultimate Freedom" at Japan's Shirotori Zoo!"

Shirotori Zoo proudly hosts Japan's largest population of tigers. As you explore the zoo, you'll encounter rabbits freely roaming around. Whether you're a child or an adult, a delightful time awaits as you stroll through the zoo, relishing the unique opportunity to feed the rabbits. Enjoy this interactive experience, and create lasting memories.

【Address】 2111 Matsubara, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-25-0998
【Opening hours】 9:30 - 17:00 (Last admission / 16:00)
 ・Adults (Middle School and above) - ¥1,500
 ・Children (Ages 3 and above) - ¥700
 ・Children under 3 years old - Free
(2) Toramaru Puppet Land
"Unique in Japan! Welcome to the Only Puppet Theatre Theme Park!"

Embark on a journey to discover the enchantment of Toramaru Puppet Land, nestled at the base of Mt. Toramaruyama. This extraordinary destination features a puppet theatre museum, the Toramaru Puppet Theatre, and a miniature fairyland. Don't miss the weekly puppet theatre performances by talented troupes!

【Address】 1155 Nishimura, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-25-0055
【Opening hours】 10:00 - 17:00
 ・Museum - ¥650
 ・Theatre Admission - ¥650
 ・Jiyukan - ¥300
(3) Tomoedo
"Behold the ideal souvenir from Higashikagawa City!"

Indulge in "Shirotoramaru", a meticulously crafted Japanese confectionery that pays tribute to the white tigers of Shirotori Zoo. It combines the rich flavours of chocolate with the iconic "Toramaru" pie bun inspired by Mt.Toramaruyama. The striking packaging only adds to its popularity, making it a standout choice for a memorable souvenir. Bring home a piece of Higashikagawa City's unique charm and flavour with this exceptional treat.

【Address】 1152-7 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-25-3115
【Opening hours】 9:00 - 18:00

(H) Art

Discover the Vibrant Palette of Higashikagawa: Where Art Meets Nature's Canvas

The bay art adorning the embankments of the Hiketa fishing port has become a trendy photo destination. Local and out-of-prefecture artists are welcome to embellish the breakwater with mesmerizing paintings, vibrant pop art, and dynamic calligraphy. You can also extend your visit to explore the lively windmills at the Shirotori Shrine and marvel at Dali's intricately carved masterpiece in Toramaru Park, adding a colorful and artistic touch to your experience.
(1) Bayshore Art Project
A work of art on a grand scale, using the entire breakwater as a canvas. The beautiful scenery of the sea and art combined together makes it a photo-worthy spot.

【Address】 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-2386
(2) Shirotori Jinja Shrine
The windmill corridor is decorated with more than 2,000 windmills. The patterns of the windmills change with the seasons, so you can enjoy a different view any time you visit.

【Address】 1077 Matsubaracho, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0878-42-2302
【Opening hours】 8:30 - 17:00

(I) Stay

Extended Serenity: Continuing Your Journey in Higashikagawa City

Your journey in Higashikagawa City doesn't have to end in just one day. For those who wish to spend today and tomorrow in Higashikagawa City, we recommend accommodations that will make you want to stay. You can fully enjoy Higashikagawa City, surrounded by the sea and mountains. Relax and unwind in hot springs and saunas to fully rejuvenate after a day's fatigue.
(1) Setouchi Resort Vessel Ochi
Sunset is spectacular! Onsen overlooking the Seto Inland Sea

【Address】1200 Umashino, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-26-1126
【Accommodation fee】 2 meals per night ¥10,000~ (*A hot spring is available without needingan accommodation)
(2) Hotel AZ Kagawa Higashikagawa
Business hotel with 133 rooms convenient for sightseeing, business trips, and long-term stays

【Address】 1856-2 Minato, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-26-0331
【Accommodation fee】 Per night ¥5,280
(3) Craft Hotel Setouchi
A stay-and-go outdoor hotel with an exciting Setouchi local feel

【Address】 1880 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 080-5936-3747
【Accommodation fee】 Per night ¥9,350~
(4) Guesthouse Amy Monbos
Guesthouse with natural views of the Seto Inland Sea and Ado Pond

【Address】 4373 Hiketa, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
【TEL】 0879-33-7711
【Accommodation fee】 Per night without meals ¥3,300~¥13,200 (prices vary depending on room type)

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