In Japan, the main gate of the Buddhist temple is called “Sanmon” that means “Mountain gate”, because most Japanese temples were originally built in the mountain.
The main gate that is surrounded by old trees seemed to symbolize the style of historical temple with dignity. More than 300 years ago, in 1695, the main gate of Jindaiji was built on the ground that was higher level from the street that approaches to the temple.Only the columns and the beams were colored in red at Jindaiji.
It is the oldest architecture in existence in the precincts, because the main gate was not burned by the conflagration in 1865. The main gate is one of the best designs in the architectures of the Edo period that still remain in Tokyo.
Although most of the thatched roofs in Jindaiji from the Edo period were gone, the thatched roofs of main gate and the monks’ kitchen survived today.