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News 2023.01.20

Discovering Yokosuka City – A Guide for Winter Attractions

Wondering what to do in Yokosuka City this winter? Check out our comprehensive guide for the perfect getaway! From sightseeing to local cuisine, let us show you around.

Experience the history, culture and nature of Yokosuka at the Yokosuka Route Museum

The Yokosuka Route Museum is connected together by “routes” leading between places to enjoy Yokosuka’s abundant nature and notable historical and cultural sites scattered around this city.

The Yokosuka Route Museum is open to the public and admission is free.

Yokosuka Route Museum
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Cruising tour ‘Cruise of Yokosuka Naval Port’

We will go on a tour of two naval ports, the Port of Yokosuka and Nagaura Port, home to a US Navy base and a Maritime Self-Defense Force base.
It is the only local cruising tour in Japan where you can see Japanese and US navy ships at close range.

2-1-12 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa (Coaska Bayside Stores)

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046-825-7144 (Triangle Corporation)

Adult 1,600 yen / Child 800 yen

Enjoy the winter view from Kannonzaki Prefectural Park

Enjoy the beautiful clear blue sky and sea of Yokosuka’s winter season.

Kannonzaki Park contains historical legacies that tell the story of Japan and Yokosuka.

The Kannonzaki Lighthouse, located in the park, was the first Western-style lighthouse built in Japan. The lighthouse is familiar to people as a symbol of Yokosuka.

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4chome, Kamoi, Yokosuka, Kanagawa


Shop and dine on ‘Dobuita Street’

Dobuita Street is the place to go for restaurants and shopping. This shopping street in Yokosuka combines Japanese and American atmospheres.

You can also buy Skajan and other items originating from Yokosuka!

2-7 Honcho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa

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Enjoy local food in Yokosuka!


There’s plenty of good food in Yokosuka!
Discover Yokosuka’s gourmet delights in this recommended article!


YOKOSUKA Cherry Cheese Cake

Yokosuka Navy Curry
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Recommended sightseeing areas in Yokosuka

North area

East area

Central area

West area