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Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup YOKOSUKA MIURA 2023 | Final Results

The Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023 has successfully concluded, showcasing thrilling competition and remarkable performances from windsurfers around the globe.
In this article, we’ll delve into an overview of the tournament, featuring highlights, standout participants, and key moments that defined this exciting event.
Join us as we recap the excitement and achievements of the windsurfing world in Yokosuka Miura.

Results: Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023 Ranking

Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023 Women's Ranking. Orange and blue gradient background.

Women’s Slalom

1st Lina Eržen (SLO) 
2nd Blanca Alabau (ESP)
3rd Justine Lemeteyer (FRA)
4th Marion Mortefon (FRA) 
5th Helle Oppedal (NOR)

Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023 Men's Ranking. Blue gradient background.

Men’s Slalom

1st Amado Vrieswijk (NB) 
2nd Matteo Iachino (ITA)
3rd Daniele Benedetti (ITA) 
4th Maciek Rutkowski (POL)
5th Bruno Martini (ITA)

Result 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura Windsurf World Cup – Slalom

Full list of the Participated Windsurfers

Results: PWA World Tour Ranking

Current PWA overall ranking Slalom 2023 Women's Ranking. Orange and blue gradient background.


1st Blanca Alabau (ESP)
2nd Justine Lemeteyer (FRA)
3rd Marion Mortefon (FRA) 
4th Jenna Gibson (GBR )
5th Femke van der Veen (NED)

Current PWA Overall Ranking Slalom Women 2023

Current PWA overall ranking Slalom 2023 Men's Ranking. Blue gradient background.


1st Matteo Iachino (ITA)
2nd Amado Vrieswijk (NB) 
3rd Maciek Rutkowski (POL) 
4th Pierre Mortefon (FRA)
5th Michele Becker (GER)

Current PWA Overall Ranking Slalom Men 2023

Interview: Meet the World Cup Champions

Blanca Alabau — Women’s Slalom

Blanca Alabau began windsurfing at the age of 8, inspired by her sister Marina, an Olympic medalist. Based in Tarifa, Blanca travels worldwide for windsurfing.

She progressed from Techno293 to RS:X and currently competes in Formula Foil, slated to become an Olympic discipline in 2024.
Her notable achievements include 1st place in Defi Wind Super Star 2021, 3rd place in PWA World Tour foil 2021, 1st place in One Hour Classic foil 2020, and Vice World Champion in formula foil in 2019.

Blanca Alabau, the champion of PWA Women's Slalom, is holding the trophy against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.
Source PWA Official Website

Podium Speech: Awards Ceremony

“I’m overwhelmed with happiness to be here and to finish in Japan. A big thank you to the organizers and PBA, and to the entire crew for their amazing work. Congratulations to the girls; we had some intense battles throughout the events, making it a great year. Hopefully, next year, we’ll have the same or even better battles.
Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you, Mom.”

PWA Insights: Women’s Slalom World Cup Champion

“How do you feel now that you are the champion?”

“I had a champagne shower, and I’m overjoyed. When they announced the event’s end, I was half happy, thinking about Matteo possibly becoming World Champion. The uncertainty overwhelmed me, and when Matteo was declared the champion, I was filled with emotions; I almost fainted. It’s been a long but great year with tricky conditions in Garda, epic moments in Pozo, and a favorite event in Fuerteventura.

“What are your future plans?”

As for the future, we’ll (Matteo Iachino) enjoy a 4-day holiday in Tokyo, then head to Italy and Tarifa for celebrations with friends. Afterward, we’ll go to Tenerife to build a new house, with the trophy being the first thing to place there (smile).

Looking Back: Last year

“I’ve focused on intense training in Tenerife, specifically for high winds. Additionally, I’ve dedicated significant effort to enhancing my mindset, addressing the gap from last year, despite having the speed. I believe it’s been a worthwhile endeavor.”
— Blanca Ablau

Source: PWA World Tour. “PWA JAPAN 2023 Awards Ceremony 15/11/23” Youtube, November 15, 2023.

Matteo Iachino — Men’s Slalom

Matteo Iachino, born in 1989 in Savona, Italy, turned professional after five years on the PWA World Cup Tour. He became the first Italian Windsurfing World Champion and one of five to win Slalom since 1980.

Notable achievements include winning the 2009 Dwarf8 PWA Surf World Cup for Slalom. In 2018, he achieved 1st and 10th in Foil at the Ulsan PWA World Cup. In 2017, he was the Vice Champion in Slalom. Matteo is a 2016 PWA World Champion in Slalom, consistently ranking high since his junior years, showcasing his prowess in windsurfing.

Matteo Iachino, the champion of PWA Men's Slalom, is holding the trophy against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.
Source PWA Official Website

Podium Speech: Awards Ceremony

“Thank you, everyone, for being here. It’s hard to describe what I feel now. After getting my first title in 2016, I came close four times, fighting with many amazing competitors. It’s so hard to reach this level, and being able to compete with them is just amazing. I was crying before, about to cry now; it’s tough to say anything. Thanks to everybody, to Japan for hosting, PWA for organizing a great tour. We had amazing events this year, and hopefully, next year will bring more good fights. Thanks, everybody.”

PWA Insights: Men’s Slalom World Cup Champion

“Due to Johan’s sail measurements falling outside the specifications, and disqualified, resulting in your emergence as the World Champion. How do you feel about this turn of events?”

The competition was tight; We were tied in points, and my opponent led by three points in this event. There is no good way or bad ways to win, but small adjustments can make a difference. We constantly develop and refine our techniques. At the start, our speeds are similar, and gaining an edge is achievable through better acceleration or skill.

“Does Blanca’s championship success influence you, and how do you manage that impact?”

Balancing our relationship and the demands of competition has been a challenging journey. I work hard to keep them separate, recognizing the difficulty in maintaining both a personal connection and the dedication needed for winning titles.

“People may not be aware, but you have been remarkably close to becoming a champion in past years.”

The past few years have been a roller coaster—2019 with Pierre, last year with Maciek, and this year have been intense.
Despite winning in 2016 and being a four-time Vice World Champion, the battles have always been close. Fighting with Antoine was like a dream, hard to describe, with a lot of effort behind the scenes.

In windsurfing, the mental game and training play a crucial role, unseen by many but a daily reality for athletes. Windsurfing’s dynamic nature keeps it entertaining, full of surprises, but staying on top is tough. The craving for that winning feeling is strong, making it hard to settle.
From my first event in 2009 to now, the journey has been long, especially with challenges like COVID, but passion, love for the sport, and the addiction to winning have driven me.
The effort invested makes each victory more valuable.
 — Matteo Iachino

Source: PWA World Tour. “PWA JAPAN 2023 Awards Ceremony 15/11/23” Youtube, November 15, 2023.

DAY 1 Highlights: ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023

The 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura Windsurf World Cup opened with sailors registering in the morning and an official ceremony at 12:30pm.

Despite hopes for afternoon racing with a forecasted wind spike at 3pm, Men’s Slalom Heat 1 faced challenges, resulting in the elimination of two sailors for premature starts.

Unfortunately, the wind dropped, and with fading light, sailors were released just before 4:15pm, halting the day’s events.

PWA SLALOM WORLD TOUR | Day 1 Highlights

DAY 1 Highlights | ANA

DAY2 Highlights: ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023


After the first day of racing, Justine Lemeteyer held the event lead on countback, closely followed by Blanca Alabau in the race for the world title. Alabau led with 30,700 points, but Lemeteyer closed the gap to just 100 points after a strong performance.

Lina Eržen, in her debut on the PWA Slalom World Tour, made a significant impact and claimed back-to-back victories in Eliminations 3 and 4. Eržen was only 1.7 points off the lead. The competition saw Helle Oppedal making a consistent return, ranked 4th overnight.

Marion Mortefon faced a setback, crashed in the opening semifinal, and needed a win to defend her world title. Sana Saeki and Fujiko Onishi ranked 6th and 7th, respectively.


Johan Søe led both the event and the world title race despite a twist in Elimination 4. Matteo Iachino was tied with Søe, holding a strong position with consistent winners’ final qualifications.

Defending champion Maciek Rutkowski faced setbacks, dropping from 1st to 4th due to challenges, including a collision.
Bruno Martini ranked fourth but might have faced disqualification for sailing the wrong quarterfinal.

Daniele Benedetti impressively qualified for 3 out of 4 winners’ finals, securing 5th place.
Will McMillan had a turbulent day but finished strong with a decisive bullet in Elimination 4.
Cedric Bordes had his best day on the foil, finishing third in the last two races for 7th place in the top 10.

The top 10 also included Alexis Mathis, Alexandre Cousin, and Nico Prien. Unfortunately, Pierre Mortefon’s world title challenge likely ended, finishing 12th.

PWA SLALOM WORLD TOUR | Day 2 Highlights

DAY 2 Highlights | ANA

DAY3 Highlights: ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023

On the third day of the Windsurf World Cup, an inconclusive early skippers’ meeting was held due to gloomy skies and drizzle, along with chilly temperatures.

Despite a morning hold, there was a slight improvement in the afternoon around 2 pm, bringing winds of 7-14 knots.
Unfortunately, the wind didn’t last long enough for a full elimination, but the Men’s fifth elimination’s opening round was completed.

In the first heat, Cyril Evrard secured victory, and Lohan Jules, Sota Kanagami, and Wearn Haw Tan advanced to the quarterfinals.
Johan Søe, recovering from yesterday’s quarterfinal exit, dominated the opening round of Elimination 5 with a decisive win.
Michele Becker and Bruno Martini smoothly advanced to the quarterfinals by winning their respective heats.

Unfortunately, Heat 5 faced premature starts, leading to disqualifications for Wearn Haw Tan and Lohan Jules. With no improvement in wind conditions, sailors were released shortly after 3 pm.

PWA SLALOM WORLD TOUR | Day 3 Highlights

DAY 4 Highlights | ANA

Women’s Elimination

Women’s Elimination 1 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Women’s Elimination 2 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Women’s Elimination 3 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Women’s Elimination 4 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Men’s Elimination

Men’s Elimination 1 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Men’s Elimination 2 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Men’s Elimination 3 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

Men’s Elimination 4 Final | 2023 Fly! ANA Yokosuka, Miura, Windsurf World Cup, Japan

DAY4 Highlights: ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023


18-year-old Lina Eržen continued her impressive Slalom debut, securing back-to-back victories in the two eliminations on the penultimate day and claiming the top spot in the event rankings. Eržen has won the last four eliminations, held a 3.9-point lead, and was set to secure her first event victory in Japan.

Blanca Alabau, Eržen’s closest rival, couldn’t match Eržen’s performance, finishing with a fourth and an eighth. Despite the subpar day, Eržen’s dominance made it mathematically impossible for Alabau to secure her first world title.

Justine Lemeteyer, who started the day leading the event, dropped to third by the end of the penultimate day, diminishing her slim world title chances. Lemeteyer needed to win the event and hope for Alabau to finish third or worse, but a mishap in Elimination 5, where she catapulted on the last reach, cost her valuable ground in the title race.

Marion Mortefon had her best day, securing a second and a third, maintaining her fourth place. Helle Oppedal completed the top five.


Amado Vrieswijk secured his second bullet of the event in Elimination 6, potentially the last of the competition based on the forecast.
The Bonairean, known for striking late, was in contention for back-to-back victories, having also won in Sylt in 2022 and ’23. Despite a potential win in Elimination 5, a mistake in the last gybe cost him, finishing in third. With a one-point lead heading into the final day, Vrieswijk aimed for another late triumph.

Johan Søe, pursuing his maiden world title, finished second in Elimination 5 but faced challenges in the next race, getting eliminated in the semifinals. Despite this setback, Søe remained resilient, securing second in the b-final. He was 1 point off the event lead and maintained a 3.6-point advantage over Matteo Iachino in the world title race.

The final day could bring further changes, but Søe was in a promising position.


DAY 4 Highlights | ANA

DAY5 Final Highlights: ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023

On the final day, Johan Søe is disqualified, and Blanca Alabau and Matteo Iachino are crowned world champions. Lina Erźen and Amado Vrieswijk receive event titles.


Lina Eržen, in her debut on the PWA Slalom World Tour, had a remarkable performance, winning four consecutive bullets out of the six eliminations completed. Despite a potential fifth win, she dropped her final gybe in Elimination 2. This impressive debut marks her as an exciting prospect for the future.

On the final day in Japan, with no further racing, Blanca Alabau secures the Women’s PWA Slalom world champion title for the first time in her career, capping off a fantastic year with a win and podium finishes in all other events.

Justine Lemeteyer finishes the season as the vice-world champion for the second consecutive year, and Marion Mortefon completes the prestigious overall podium.


Matteo Iachino, after several close calls, secured his second world title following his first win in 2016. The competition was tight, and initially, it seemed he might miss out on another world title on countback. However, developments later in the day confirmed Iachino’s victory. Tied on points with Søe at the season’s end, Iachino displayed remarkable consistency, earning three podiums in five events, with his worst result being a 6th place in Italy at the beginning of the year.

Amado Vrieswijk, continuing his strong performance, capped off the season with another victory in Japan, securing the vice-world champion title for 2023. Maciek Rutkowski completed the overall podium.

PWA JAPAN 2023 Awards Ceremony 15/11/23

DAY 5 Highlights | ANA

Event overview

This year, approximately 32,000 people attended the Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup in Yokosuka Miura.

Aerial photograph taken by a drone capturing the venue of the ANA Windsurfing 2023 event. The picture showcases a clear and beautiful sea under the sunny sky.
Source PWA Official Website

Miura Kaigan Winter Fireworks Festival 2023

The Fireworks Festival, usually held in summer, coincided with the ‘ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura’ this year. On the first day of the tournament, approximately 3,000 fireworks illuminated the night sky.
Date: Fri, Nov 10 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Venue: Miura Kaigan Beach(Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan)
Organizer: “Miura Kaigan Summer Festival Executive Committee”

Watch from a Spectator Boat

Since windsurfing is a sport in which the race location must sometimes be changed depending on the direction of the wind, it is said that experiencing the thrills and speed of a race from land can be difficult. For this reason, a special Spectator Boat was prepared to provide an up-close experience of the full ferocity of the competition from the water.

Food trucks & Local products

Under a clear blue sky, a food truck is selling various items, attracting a bustling crowd of customers.

During this tournament, food trucks selling hamburgers, desserts, etc., gathered on Tsukuihama beach. Visitors had the opportunity to purchase vegetables grown in Yokosuka and Miura. Additionally, a shop featuring local products was open.
Date: Fri, Nov 10 – Tue, Nov 14
※Locally grown vegetables was sold on the 11th and 12th.

City Support Yokosuka Presents
Tour for Spectators with “Windsurf on the Land” Experience

A photo of event participants inspecting windsurfing equipment and tools under an overcast sky.

Windsurfers gave a special tour of the main attractions of the World Cup.
Date: Sat, Nov 11・Sun, Nov 12

Official The Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Miura 2023 Website.

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