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PWA Ranking 2023 Slalom Women | FLY! ANA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka - Miura

Through this page, let’s enhance our understanding of the Slalom Women PWA Ranking 2023 and maximize our enjoyment of the upcoming event.

About Windsurfing World cup

The PWA World Tour is an international event series where professional windsurfing athletes compete in various regions around the world, demonstrating their skills and speed.

This tour gathers the top windsurfing athletes who compete in different categories such as slalom, wave riding, and freestyle.

A sepia photo of a man windsurfing in the ocean, leaning back, with the sun making the ocean shine.
A sepia photo of a man windsurfing in the ocean with splashes of waves.

Slalom in windsurfing is a discipline that places particular emphasis on technique and balance.
It enjoys widespread popularity worldwide, with top athletes from many countries participating in the FLY! ANA Windsurfing World Cup.

This competition features separate events for both men and women, and it’s worth noting the impressive technical skills demonstrated by female competitors at the highest level on the global stage.

Slalom Women PWA Ranking 2023


A chart of the pwa world cup ranking for women's slalom in 2023, with the names and scores of the current top 6 surfers.

Top 3 Players — Performance and Ranking Analysis

Note: The top three contenders are engaged in a fierce competition,
with the potential for rankings to shift based on their performance in forthcoming events.

Blanca Alabau

Blanca Alabau, holding the top position with a total of 30,600 points,
has consistently demonstrated a remarkable performance, securing a spot within the top three in all events.
Notably, she clinched the first position in a close competition at the POZO event.

Marion Mortefon

In the second position with a total of 30,400 points, Marion Mortefon has consistently delivered stable performances in all events.
Since her debut, she has steadily built her skills and climbed the rankings,
poised to continue elevating the competition as a formidable contender.

Justine Lemeteyer

In the third position, Justine Lemeteyer secured the first place in Torbole, showing great promise for the future.
She narrowly clinched victory in a close competition in Torbole, making a strong start.

Although she has slipped in the rankings in subsequent events, the gap between her and the first-place contender is minimal.
Expectations are high for her upcoming performances.

Other compatible Athletes

Jenna Gibson, Femke van der Veen, and Mae Davico (Y),
ranked 4th and below, have consistently delivered strong performances, continuing to challenge the top athletes. Keep an eye on their future endeavors.

Slalom windsurfing has captivated fans worldwide, with female athletes’ performances standing out prominently.

You can’t afford to miss the performances of these top athletes. Following their success allows you to learn more about windsurfing techniques and equipment.

Windsurfing is an exhilarating sport that harnesses the power of wind and waves for propulsion, and by watching professional athletes in action,
you can gain a deeper appreciation of its allure.

1Blanca Alabau
Severne Windsurfing,Starboard
10200 (2)10300 (1)10100 (3)30600
2Marion Mortefon
Duotone, Fanatic
10100 (3)10100 (3)10200 (2)30400
3Justine Lemeteyer
S2Maui, FMX Racing
10300 (1)9900 (5)10000 (4)30200
4Jenna Gibson
Duotone, Fanatic
9700 (7)10000 (4)9900 (5)29600
5Femke van der Veen
Severne Windsurfing, Starboard
9900 (5)9800 (6)9800 (6)29500
6Mae Davico (Y)
Loftsails, Patrik Boards, Patrik Foils
10000 (4)9500 (9)9600 (8)29100
7Sarah-Quita Offringa
NeilPryde, Starboard, Maui Ultra Fins
010200 (2)10300 (1)20500
8Sarah Jackson
Duotone, F4 Foils
9800 (6)09200 (12)19000
9Anna Biagiolini (Y)
Point 7, Patrik Boards
9500 (9)09400 (10)18900
10Delphine Cousin Questel
S2Maui, FMX Racing, Starboard Foil
09700 (7)09700
10Andrea Vanhoorne
Loftsails, Patrik Boards
009700 (7)9700
11Adela Raskova9600 (8)009600
11Marine Hunter
Quatro International, KA Sail
09600 (8)09600
12Bobbi-Lynn De Jong (Y)009500 (9)9500
13Caterina Biagiolini
Challenger Sails
9400 (10)009400
14Karo Van Tonder
Severne Windsurfing, AV Boards
9300 (11)009300
14Fabienne Hoogendam
Patrik Boards, Patrik Sails
009300 (11)9300

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ANA Windsurfing World Cup 2023. Date: November 10 (Fri) - 14 (Tue), 2023


Dynamic image capturing two windsurfers in action at the Fly ANA Windsurfing World Cup in Yokosuka Miura, Japan, with the event's logo prominently displayed.

2022 RECAP

Three windsurfers are engaged in an intense battle, creating splashes of water. The words 'Exciting Event, FLY ANA' are displayed.


The top 3 women in slalom and the top 3 men in slalom are raising their trophies on their respective podiums and look thrilled.



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