Hokki clams, exclusively savored in winter, unfold umami and sweetness with every bite

Winter specialty in Misawa City, 'Misawa Hokki Don'!
Available for a limited 4-month period, aligning with the hot clam harvesting season from December to March, it's the ultimate winter treat.
The bouncy and plump flesh overflows with sweetness as you chew, attracting numerous fans from the local and surrounding areas every year.
Tastes that will make your tastebuds smile.
Using freshly caught Misawa hokki clams, 'Misawa Hokki Don' offers a variety of flavors, from a bowl topped with fresh sashimi to Western-style paella and tempura-covered rice.

Due to weather conditions affecting fishing activities, it is recommended to check and make reservations with the store in advance before visiting.
For detailed information about the participating establishments, refer to the Misawa Hokki Don Gourmet Map.

Availability Period: 12/3 to 3/31