The Ganzandaishi Hall

The statue of "Ganzandaishi" who was 18th Tendaizashu (the highest of the Tendai sect) was enshrined at the Ganzandaishi Hall in 991.
"Ganzandaishi" was also known as the originator of restoration of Tendai Sect, "Hiei Enryakuji" temple in Shiga district.
Because Ganzandaishi is said to be the incarnation of "Nyoirinkannon", he has attracted a unique faith such as "good luck" since the middle ages.
It is said that the founder of "Omikuji (Written fortune)" of temples and shrines in Japan is "Ganzandaishi".

The principal image of the Ganzandaishi Hall is the statue "Ganzandaishi".
The statue is about 2m heights in the sitting position and its large size cannot be found in other temple.
It is a secret saint in Buddhism that means rarely shown to the public.
However it opens to the public, once in 25 years. (Gokaicho)
About 13 million people have visited in the most recent event in 2009 and the next one will take place in 2034.