Tateyama Aburi Kaisen-don (Broiled seafood and rice bowl)

Tateyama City in Chiba Prefecture, the southernmost point in the Boso Peninsula, is a "Fishing Town" where plentiful seafood is fished throughout the year, but it is also a "Flower Town" at the same time.
The "Tateyama Aburi Kaisen-don" from "New - OMOTENASHI Premium Local Gourmet" was developed with attention to every detail of local ingredients to embody this concept as a meal.
We suggest making a reservation to be sure that you can try it!
It is a special seafood bowl full course for enjoying eight types of local seafoods in their prime.
We use a special three-tier bowl with "Broiled Seafood" (first course) on top, then "Sashimi" (second course), and finally "Assorted Floral Colors" (course three).