【Japan Heritage】Kitamaebune port of call Fukuura Port

Japanese Heritage Site Comprising of 7 Cultural Heritage

Fukura is located on the western shore of the Noto Peninsula and has two deep coves next to each other.
When the Edo Shogunate was exploring a western route around the area, this location was designated to be the official port of call.
Even when the ocean outside was stormy, the coves were calm and served as perfect safe harbors.
The edge of the plateau, looking down at the cove, was a place called Hiyoriyama, a place for checking the weather out in the open sea.
There are Japan’s oldest existing Old Fukura Lighthouse (built in 1876), direction stones, and the statue of the folk song, "Fukura Izumobushi."
Inside the Kotohira Shrine that stands on the plateau, many votive paintings of ships are enshrined.
In particular, there are votive paintings of ships that are worthy of seeing, depicting ships that returned from a stormy sea, three-dimensional ship illustrations, and pictures depicting squids and octopuses, all of which are very rare patterns.

Facility information

0767-42-0355 (Shikamachi Tourism Association)
Fukurako, Hakuigun Shikamachi, Ishikawa
From JR Nanao Line, Hakui Station, get on the bus headed for Togi.
It is 5 minutes from the bus stop, Fukura.
10 spaces (Old Fukura Lighthouse Tourist Parking)



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