Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S

Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S

Nakaizu Winery Hills is a popular tourist destination in Izu city, Shizuoka prefecture.
It was established in 1999, personally funded by Tsutomu Shida, the founder and leader of Shidax, a school-lunch and corporate-canteen food provider that runs a nationwide karaoke business.
Chateau T.S is a chalk, four-story building with a winery that stands atop a hill covered with vineyards extending about 10 ha.
The grape varieties grown at these vineyards are: Chardonnay, Shinano Riesling, Yama-Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Nakaizu’s rainy climate tends to give the grapevines diseases and lower sugar levels, but the growers use their resourcefulness by growing varieties that do well in this environment and setting up grape guards to protect the grapevines from the rain.

Hotel Winery Hill

Hotel Winery Hill is by the Chateau. It is a resort hotel that has an onsen, sport facilities, and training facilities.
The natural onsen, Jomon-no-Goshinyu, can make skin beautiful, boost health, and cure fatigue.
There are other bathing facilities here as well, such as a Jacuzzi and a foot bath.
The restaurant Amaryllis serves wine and delectable dishes made with Izu’s local produce in season.
On the property are outdoor facilities, such as a baseball field, soccer field, tennis court, and a pool, in addition to various indoor facilities such as a training room, allowing visitors to enjoy various types of physical activities in a wonderful environment surrounded by Izu’s rich nature.
Nakaizu Winery offers a guided winery tour.
This tour takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. It starts from the wine factory, goes through the vineyards, and ends with free winetasting. (*Tours begin from 3:55 PM. Reservation is required.)
The guided tour is for Hotel Winery Hill guests and Nakaizu Winery Chateau T.S visitors. (Participation is free of charge.)
Please sign up for the tour at the hotel or Chateau’s reception.

Facility information

1433-27 Shimoshiraiwa, Izu, Shizuoka