Jinjadaio that was enshrined at Jindaiji is a ”God of water” and represents the deep engagement of Jindaiji and spring water.
Because there are many springs in the mountains behind the temple, the monks used to meditate by sitting under the waterfall.
This temple is placed in a very privileged area with rich spring water, and has been designated as a “Tokyo famous water 57 election”.

【Jindaiji and Traditional Japanese noodle】
The high quality water and buckwheat flour determines the good taste of noodles in Japan. It has a long history of making Soba flour by using a water wheel.
Since the area around Jindaiji was a region that is suitable for making buckwheat, cultivation of buckwheat was the prosperous.
Because the peasants had dedicated the buckwheat to the temple, it is said the noodle that has made in the temple welcomed the guests of the temple.
It is also said that the top of the head temple of Jindaiji, loved the noodle and made it popular.
According to the other theory, Tokugawa General 3rd eat the noodle and praised the buckwheat at the time of falconry.