Local specialty fried chicken made with fresh, local ingredients

This is a local specialty fried chicken made with fresh, local ingredients, including locally sourced burdock and garlic, in Misawa City.
Originally known as "gobou karaage" (burdock fried chicken) within the dining facilities of the Air Self-Defense Force Misawa Base, it has been enjoyed by the personnel.
Now, it is also offered in various local restaurants in Misawa City as a regional delicacy.
The dish features a juicy and crispy fried chicken complemented by the savory flavors of well-cooked burdock and lingering garlic.
It's a perfect combination!
You can enjoy two varieties: the "Original," replicating the taste of the base's dining facilities, and the "Arrangement," where each restaurant adds its unique twist.

And there's an interesting story behind the name.
"空上げ Karaage" (空=Sky, 上げ=Up) shares the same pronunciation as "唐揚げ Karaage," but the kanji characters are different.
This translates to "rising to the sky," conveying the determination and unity to reach greater heights across the entire Air Self-Defense Force.
Each base serves a distinctive fried chicken dish in its dining facilities, showcasing diverse flavors.

For detailed information about the participating establishments, refer to the Gourmet Map of Misawa Air Base.